The Meeting of Minds - Two of Real Estate's Leading Forces Join to Provide Agents a New Way to Increase Sales Productivity

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Weathering the storm. More than ever, this is the mindset of real estate professionals throughout the country. Implementing systems to increase sales productivity and hit the six-figure mark is taking a back seat to doing what's necessary to bring in enough income to pay the mortgage.

For the last 15 years, Leader's Choice-educated agents have enjoyed success while many have left the business altogether. Leader's Choice graduates double their listing inventory, double their sales and generate more commissions. Now, Leader's Choice has joined forces with The Personal Marketing Company, creators of customized, personally-branded real estate marketing campaigns, to create an innovative and expedient online tool.

Leader's Choice and The Personal Marketing Company have announced the development of their first collaborative project, Leader's Advantage, a set it and forget it way for agents to personally touch their clients or potential clients, on a consistent basis, with interactive and direct-mail marketing. Robb Murry, Chief Marketing Officer for The Personal Marketing Company, describes the partnering:

"We are proud and privileged that Leader's Choice has chosen to partner with us. Founder Mark Leader is an established author and a skilled communicator whose organization of dedicated trainers has helped 20,000 agents grow their business more than 200 percent in nine weeks. To give agents the opportunity to implement the methods taught during the Leader's Choice program, we developed Leader's Advantage."

Leader's Advantage is an automated, online system that is the antithesis to the costly, cumbersome programs that complicate rather than simplify agent prospecting. To begin the program, an agent inputs an individual's contact information and, at the push of a button, e-mails or direct-mail pieces are automatically generated and delivered. Essentially, when the agent meets a potential client at an open house, he/she can enroll that potential client in an active buyer campaign from any computer with internet access and for the next eight weeks the buyer will receive personalized, branded e-mails (or pieces of direct mail) with progressive messages.

Leader's Advantage also serves as a comprehensive contact manager. It tracks outgoing e-mails and includes a complete marketing log for each client. Agents can see all communication with any given person from campaigns they're enrolled in to every e-mail, e-marketing or direct-mail piece that's been sent.

For Jonathan D. Nicholas, President of Leader's Choice, Leader's Advantage is the solution to an ongoing challenge facing agents everywhere. He explains:

"Years ago, there was a study that opened my eyes to the disconnect between customers and agents. The study showed 80 percent of customers as satisfied at the closing table. However, only 11 percent of those satisfied consumers utilized the agent a second time. Why? As an industry, we have poor follow-up habits. Our partnership with The Personal Marketing Company solves this dilemma once and for all."


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