Dr. Deborah Stokes Presents Findings on Study Involving Use of Neurofeedback Video Games to Treat Migraine Headaches

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70% of Migraine Patients Find Neurofeedback Cuts Headache Frequency in Half

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Deborah Stokes, Ph.D. of Neurofeedback Consultants, Inc. recently presented her findings on the use of neurofeedback to treat migraine headaches. This research was presented at the EEG Spectrum Clinical Exchange Conference in Washington, DC on April 25, at the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Conference in Daytona Beach, FL on May 17 and at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research in San Antonio on August 28. The study involved 37 migraine clients using a non-drug form of treatment called neurofeedback. The findings showed that 26 clients or 70% of the 37 migraine sufferers experienced at least a 50% reduction in frequency of their headaches. This data was collected after an average of 14.5 months following treatment, which suggests that results are long-lasting. The study also showed that clients experienced a reduction of symptoms in other co-occurring conditions such as attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, other headaches, insomnia and other pain syndromes.

Neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback is a painless, non-invasive method that targets specific brainwave frequencies in order to alleviate symptoms such as inattention, depression, anxiety, headaches and insomnia. Sensors are attached to the scalp and project the brainwaves onto a computer screen in the form of a video game. Clients are instructed to play the video game by using their minds. They are able to eventually shift the targeted brainwave frequencies implicated in their presenting problem and thereby alleviate their symptoms.

"Prior to neurofeedback, I would have approximately 16 yearly visits to the emergency room for migraine treatment. Having tried numerous medications and other treatments over a 15 year period, neurofeedback is the only one that has been successful in reducing my headaches by 80% and the results have lasted for five years now." Lynn Hertel, Arlington, VA

Many migraine patients also have depression or anxiety and these clients often have a heightened stress response. Neurofeedback has been shown to be helpful for these conditions by decreasing stress patterns that are reflected in the brainwaves. Neurofeedback Consultants also offers other forms of biofeedback that target hand temperature, head temperature, sweat gland responses, variability of heart rate and rate of breathing. Methods are taught for changing these bodily responses during stress which enables the sufferer to learn the ability to self regulate without having to resort to drugs.

Neurofeedback Consultants, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Deborah Stokes, PhD, a Psychologist with a background in the biological bases of behavior and mind-body medicine. The clinic offers a variety of approaches for clients interested in non-drug approaches to managing pain, emotional, behavioral and attentional disorders.

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stokes, call 703-684-0334 or visit http://www.neuronew.com .


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