'See it Before You Buy It' Now Applies to 3D Content Purchased Online

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Presto3D.com introduces browser-based 3D to the digital model marketplace. Buyers of 3D models for gaming, films, and architecture can now view models in 3D before making a purchase.

See it in 3D before you buy it: that is the founding idea of Presto3D.com, a new marketplace for digital models launched today. In what could be considered a natural step forward, buyers of 3D models for animation, architecture, gaming, and other applications can now preview models in 3D without ever leaving the browser.

The process is fully automatic; an artist submits a model for sale in a format produced by one of the major 3D authoring tools (3dsMax, Autodesk Maya, etc.) at a price they believe is fair. Presto3D creates a 3D preview of the model, also making the original model available in COLLADA, a universal file format. Once the preview gets final approval from the artist, it can then be viewed in the browser by all prospective buyers.

"Before Presto3D, the only preview of the model you got to see was a 2D image," says Joshua Koopferstock, product manager for Presto3D. "Imagine if you went to iStockphoto to buy photos and instead of a picture preview, the only description they gave you was 'this is a photo of a woman in a red hat'. There's a good chance that what you're buying would is not exactly what you need."

"The same goes for 3D models. Most buyers come to a 3D marketplace because it is more cost-effective to buy certain models than to create the models themselves. But if the model is going to require hours of fix-up work, that cost-saving benefit vanishes. With a 3D preview, we get rid of these unpleasant surprises."

From a technical standpoint, presenting a 3D preview poses a much more complex challenge than simply displaying 2D images. To overcome these hurdles, Presto3D uses several pieces of technology developed by its parent company, Feeling Software.

"Over the course of many projects, we have developed a proprietary 3D engine called the Feeling Engine," explains Christian Laforte, co-founder and CEO of the 3-year-old software company. "With that, and drawing from our experience with COLLADA and 3D file-format interchange, we were in a unique position to build a site like Presto3D."

Presto3D can be visited at http://www.presto3d.com.

About Feeling Software:
Feeling Software, founded by brothers Christian and Guillaume Laforte in 2004, is specialized in 3D graphic software and computer vision. Prior to creating Presto3D, Feeling Software completed contracts for industry leaders such as Google, Adobe, and Sony in the field of 3D graphics.

Joshua Koopferstock, Marketing Coordinator
Feeling Software


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