Secondary Breast Augmentation in New Jersey: A Growing Trend

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Breast augmentation surgery is more popular than ever, but as more surgeons are beginning to perform breast enlargement procedures, at least one New Jersey plastic surgeon is also seeing an increase in the number of women who require revision or replacement surgeries to correct dissatisfying results.

Thousands of doctors perform breast augmentation, but far fewer perform the corrective surgeries that can restore the breasts of women who have complications or who are not happy with the results of their breast surgery. Dr. Evan Sorokin, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery (, performs primary and secondary breast augmentation for New Jersey women who are looking for satisfying surgical results.

The rising number of secondary breast enlargement surgeries comes at a time when clinical studies and new technologies and techniques equip surgeons to perform breast augmentation more safely than ever before. While the surgical advances would suggest that fewer women should need revision surgery, Dr. Sorokin says that too often the reverse is true: the increase in breast implant safety and popularity means that more surgeons are performing breast enlargement in New Jersey without the necessary level of training in modern methods.

"The reason only a few surgeons perform secondary breast augmentation, in comparison to the large numbers of doctors offering primary breast augmentation in New Jersey and Philadelphia, is that many surgeons simply lack the skill to perform the more complicated, reconstructive-type work required in a revision procedure," says Dr. Sorokin.

Breast implant revision surgeries call for special techniques because a surgeon must correct scarring, implant malposition, and other complications in a way that restores breast structure and creates a satisfying end result.

"Secondary breast surgery is not an area where you can take a one-size-fits-all approach," adds Dr. Sorokin. "In the vast majority of revision surgeries I perform, I am correcting the work of surgeons who made that mistake. Each woman's breasts and body require a unique approach, and that is why I make the commitment to adapt each procedure in ways that will ensure the most positive outcome for the patient."

Dr. Sorokin's experience with revision breast surgery enables him and his staff to maintain rigorous safety standards and high levels of patient satisfaction. In addition to surgery to repair unsatisfying results, an increasing number of women are coming to his practice to replace older saline and silicone implants with the latest generation of silicone gel implants, also known as "gummy bear" implants. Many women believe that this implant type, which has undergone over a decade of safety testing, both looks and feels more like natural breast tissue.

Secondary breast surgery is also required to repair an implant that has deflated or ruptured. Implant rupture can occur for many reasons, and many women find that their initial cosmetic surgeon is ill-equipped to perform breast implant revision. A breast enlargement also may be revised during a subsequent breast lift procedure. The larger breast volume that comes along with breast augmentation may cause breast drooping over time and hasten the need to lift the breasts to a more youthful position.

"I tell every woman I meet for a consultation that she should be extremely cautious when choosing a surgeon, whether it's for a primary breast enlargement or a secondary procedure," says Dr. Sorokin. "All women want a result they can enjoy for many years to come, and the likelihood of that outcome is increased by doing thorough research, speaking with past patients, and fully investigating a surgeon's training and experience performing cosmetic breast surgery."

At Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery (, Evan S. Sorokin, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon who provides extensive options for breast enhancement in New Jersey including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction. He also performs revision surgery and breast reconstruction to repair the effects of a mastectomy. The practice, which serves patients from New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and parts of New York, also provides a full menu of surgical procedures for the face and body, as well as nonsurgical medical spa services. Dr. Sorokin was named a Top Doc 2006 by S.J. Magazine and a Top Physician in 2007 by South Jersey Magazine.


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