Upcoming 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Forum in Miami Addresses Sugar Cane from Economic, Technological & Geopolitical Viewpoints

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The 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade Conference will be held in Miami, Florida, U.S. on October 16-17, 2008. The conference will gather together key experts to share on the shifting dynamics of the American & South America and Caribbean sugar and ethanol marketplace, the commercialization of Sugar Cane Bagasse to Cellulosic Ethanol pathways, as well as the rising importance of Sugar Cane Ethanol as an ethanol & ethylene source. Panelists will provide insights into 6 MAJOR ISSUES central to the regional sugar and ethanol mandates. Delegates will also be able to enjoy over 8 hours of network and develop new and potentially vital business relationships during the conference.

The highly successful Sugar & Ethanol Trade conference series, which has welcomed over 800 key personnel from all over the world, goes back to the Americas for the third year. As the most critical networking and idea exchange platform for key sugar & ethanol players, investors, and technology suppliers, 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade capitalizes on the success of the series and will emphasize the need to produce cellulosic ethanol from sugarcane bagasse and Bio Ethanol other viable non-food sources.

Over the two main days of the 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade, panelists will address 6 MAJOR ISSUES concerning the debate on the US-Mexico sugar/sweetener trade, latest mandates and current perspectives on the burgeoning sugar industries in the Caribbean, Central America and South America, and the increasing prominence of alternative feedstocks technology for ethanol production.

These MAJOR ISSUES include:

-10 Months Post NAFTA- Sugar Trade with Mexico & Progress Report on America's Sugar Re-export program

-2007 Farm Bill & Feedstock Flexibility Program- will Sugar Cane Fuel Ethanol e85 gain prominence over Corn Ethanol e85?

  • Brazil Sugar Cane- Can it maintain its comparative advantage in the sugar & ethanol market?
  • Is commercial Bio Ethanol manufacture from Sugar Cane Bagasse based cellulose feasible?
  • How will the Expansion of regional sugar cane production & ethanol production across Central America, Caribbean, Peru & Argentina impact global sugar & ethanol marketplace?
  • Converting Sugar Cane Ethanol to Ethylene and Polyethylene-What are the technologies? Are they economically viable?

... Plus many more issues that will be raised by speakers and delegates in the panel discussions and networking!

Some of the over 21 speakers sharing at 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade shared their insights why sugarcane is becoming an increasingly important player in the world energy marketplace and why 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade is the region's most critical Sugarcane and ethanol event.

In conversation with the 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade team, Mr. George Philippidis of Florida International University shared, "Biofuels and particularly ethanol are a key component of our future energy needs. Cellulosic ethanol from Sugarcane bagasse represents one of the most promising options."

Mr. Philippidis went on to add that "understanding how to integrate cellulosic technologies into sugar mills is of keen interest to the world's investment community," in response to a question on why he is sharing at the 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade. Mr. Philippidis, one of America's key cellulosic ethanol experts, will be sharing on his pilot project in employing cellulosic ethanol technologies to convert sugarcane bagasse to ethanol at 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade

Mr. Ronald Cascone from Nexant, added on to Mr. Philippidis' sentiments on the importance of sugarcane when he said "In places where sugar cane ethanol economics is favorable, ethylene production from sugarcane is very competitive with ethylene from petroleum conversion."

Mr. Cascone went on to say, "I'm very excited about sharing on this. What's happening in Brazil right now is an early example of a convergence of the biofuels and the biomaterials industry, which we hope is a model of future integration of biofuels, chemicals and polymers industries" in response to our question on why he is sharing at 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade.

Mr. Cascone will be bringing his enthusiasm and his experience on board as a valuable member of the panel, sharing on the sugar cane ethanol to ethylene and polyethylene pathway, a valuable investment diversification strategy for being adopted by sugar cane investors in the Americas.

Participants at 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade, the region's most important sugar & ethanol summit, will be able to maximize on the over 8 hours of business networking, and focused question and answer sessions dedicated to addressing critical new developments in the region's sugar & ethanol marketplaces.

Those wanting to keep up with the rapidly expanding sugar & ethanol marketplace, in terms of sugar trends & cellulosic ethanol production in the Americas need to visit http://www.cmtevents.com/newevents.aspx?ev=081054& to find out more about 3rd Americas Sugar Trade & Ethanol conference and how to register for the conference, and enjoy special discounts for group registrations.

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About 3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade

3rd Americas Sugar & Ethanol Trade is a showcase of all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the Sugar & Ethanol marketplaces of the Americas, bringing together on a single platform, the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Sugar & Ethanol from a policy, socio-economic and technological perspective.


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