Construction Moves Forward Full Speed Ahead at Costa Rica Real Estate Development, Cerro Fresco

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Costa Rica Real Estate Developer, CRDC, a luxury real estate developer in Costa Rica, is quickly taking strides towards the completion of their Cerro Fresco community. Construction is developing quickly, especially with the addition of infrastructure, such as the new aqueduct and private roads.

Cerro Fresco construction is moving full speed ahead and exciting developments are taking place as this community is being built from the ground up. Developed by Costa Rica real estate developer, CRDC, huge leaps are being made as the company races towards completing the long awaited community. Although construction started only a short time ago, the company is making huge strides towards the completion of the community.

A simple look around the terrain around Cerro Fresco shows that the construction is indeed moving forward at a fast pace. Just a quick look at the condominium community, Hermosa Highlands, is showing how quickly CRDC is working to get from the pre-development stage to current build out. This community is currently under construction and is in a historical location. The entry to the condominium community literally astounds viewers, as it has five levels of waterfalls and cascades, and tropical gardens and native stones are being added to these façade towers.

Construction is also going forward on the aqueduct that is being developed to provide the water supplies for the first communities being developed, and there are plans to use them to also provide supply for further developments as well. The company has announced that this aqueduct is now complete and provides more than enough water supplies for the communities that it will support.

Of course while the communities themselves are being constructed and are seeing major developments, the development company is also working on the needed road networks for the community as well. A huge amount of equipment and manpower have been committed to this project by CRDC to ensure it is completed expediently. CRDC feels that the road systems for Cerro Fresco are a piece of key infrastructure, and the public and private roads have been improved upon and construction is continuing to this end.

In order to help cut down on the cost and the time needed to finish the construction on the Cerro Fresco community, CRDC real estate development company has actually decide to invest in a concrete batching plant that is on site, helping to save time and money so construction can be completed as soon as possible. Add to that the excellent labor quarters that are provided for the construction workers, which allows them to stay on site during times of construction. It is easy to see why construction is moving forward so hastily.

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About CRDC:
The Costa Rican Development Corporation is one of the top real estate development companies in Costa Rica. Their visionary projects of distinction include Cerro Fresco, Hermosa Highlands, Villas Altas, and Highland Estates.


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