'Musical Mind Reader'- A New Piano E-Course By Keyboard Workshop Reveals The Secret Of Chord Prediction

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A new e-course by Keyboard Workshop is getting the attention of piano learners. This e-course called the 'Musical Mind Reader' promises to teach anyone how to know which chords to use in a song before a song is even played.

A fascinating new e-course is engaging piano and keyboard enthusiasts of all level. The course called, 'Musical Mind Reader' is being downloaded by beginners and advanced players alike. This e-course promises to teach anyone the trick of knowing which chord comes next while playing a song.

Known for offering exciting courses and lessons over the Internet, Duane Shinn of Keyboard Workshop has created yet another e-course that promises to teach anyone to tell the future of a song in less than an hour.

Duane remembers how his piano teacher, Dave, who was a famous Hollywood teacher, taught him this secret in one hour lesson. "He showed me the principles of how to know which chord would come next in a song about 85% of the time, and after I learned it, I kind of amazed the people I played with, because they had no idea how I knew what the next chord was going to be," says Duane

Duane goes on to explain how music has form, like a body has a skeleton and a building has a blueprint. The course teaches that given any key, one can recognize the pattern or "family of chords" that are repeated over and over again. This knowledge can be used in thousands of songs to predict with a high degree of accuracy which chords are the most likely chords to occur. So instead of getting all confused and confused by the various chords, knowing this family of chords can enable one to know the likelihood of chord occurrence in almost any song.

The e-course answers the following questions and more:

  •     What's the most likely chord for the song to start on?
  •     What's the most likely chord for the song to end on?
  •     What the three most likely chords in any song are?
  •     What the second chord in a song will probably be?
  •     Why knowledge of the "circle of 4ths" gives you a huge edge about what chords are coming next?

The huge response this e-course is getting shows that it meets a huge need. It may be a relief for thousands of learners who had either given up or were in the process of giving up what once was their desire: Learning the Piano. Moreover, who can underestimate the benefit of knowing what comes next? As Duane says, "You can be a billionaire in musical satisfaction by knowing which chord comes next in a song."

The 'Musical Mind Reader' course is inexpensive and can be instantly downloaded from the web at http://www.musicalmindreader.com.

For additional information on this course please visit http://www.musicalmindreader.com/.

About Keyboard Workshop:
Duane's Keyboard Workshop website http://www.playpiano.com has a number of courses, and also a free newsletter on piano chords and chord progressions.

Muriel Shinn, director of public relations
Keyboard Workshop
700 Play Piano Way


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