's Coffees are given a big 'Thumbs Up' by the UK's first Coffee Industry Podcast

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Chris Weaver, Professional barista and creator of 'Common Grind' - the UK's premiere coffee industry podcast, gives's coffees a big 'thumbs up' on his latest podcast. The live tasting session evaluated four of the roasters most popular coffees.'s reputation for offering very high quality freshly roasted coffee received another big boost today as the UK's premiere coffee industry podcast delivered a very positive evaluation of some of the roasters most popular coffees.

"Chris asked us for an opportunity to try some of our coffees" said Dean Chalk, co-founder and coffee professional at "He is head barista at a very high quality coffee house - Coffee Aroma - so of course we were happy to send him some coffee. Little did we know that he'd be featuring our coffee on the UK's premiere coffee industry podcast - 'Common Grid'" he added.

"We were slightly nervous" said Dean. "We sell our coffees to the profession as well as to the public via our online store. But we know Chris is a real connoisseur, and has a significant influence within the fledgling UK coffee connoisseur marketplace. Fortunately Chris liked all of the coffees, and was particularly impressed with 3 of the 4 coffees evaluated" added Dean.

"We received the coffee beans from and stored them for a week to allow them to settle from the roast" said Chris Weaver, head barista and coffee connoisseur. "When we began the tasting session, it was clear that the coffees had been freshly roasted to a very professional level - an indicator that the roaster knows their stuff" he added. Of the four coffees we tried, we liked the Costa Rican the least even though it was a very good coffee. We really loved their Monsoon Malabar with its rich spiciness, but were particularly impressed by their Ethiopian Sidamo - which was a truly fantastic coffee, and one of the best we'd tasted for some time. Finally their espresso blend 'Morning Glory' proved to be a really great espresso which performed very well in the extraction process and delivered some truly magnificent flavours." He added.

"We regularly get very positive feedback for our coffees, which means we're doing things right" said Liz Powell, co-founder and Master Coffee Roaster at "The majority of our online customers order our coffees regularly, and our reputation amongst the coffee industry is starting to really grow. The number of coffee shops, restaurants and hotels that we supply is growing in direct response to our blossoming reputation for top quality freshly roasted coffees" she added. "Getting noticed by the UK connoisseurs via this great podcast is another big step forward for us" Liz said.

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About Tastiera Services Ltd (

Tastiera Services is a small coffee bean roastery based in rural Kent, specialising in coffee roasting using traditional methods. They supply coffee to consumers throughout the UK from their online website at and by direct arrangements. They also supply coffee freshly roasted to their trade customers including restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

About 'Common Grind' - the UK's premiere coffee industry podcast

'Common Grind' is the UK's premiere coffee industry podcast, offering news and views on the UK coffee industry in general and the coffee barista profession in particular. The podcast is created and published by coffee professional and connoisseur Chris Weaver, who is head barista at Coffee Aroma coffee shops in Lincoln.
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