Over-Protected Yet Emotionally Neglected Child Becomes Adult Who Reconciles With Her Past

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As a girl, Irene was not allowed to play with friends or leave her mother's sight. Her mother tried constantly to control her from fear she would die as her brother had. Misguided-love soon turned to abuse.

A girl who is stifled, not allowed to play with friends, and made to believe she is worthless becomes a therapist, author and successful businesswoman in Irene Watson's inspirational and autobiographical story "The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference" (ISBN 9781932690675, Loving Healing Press, 2008).

Irene Watson was born in Northern Alberta, Canada to Russian immigrant parents in 1946. Her family clung closely to each other, rarely reaching out to strangers. This isolated lifestyle only grew worse when Irene's parents lost their firstborn child, Alexander. When Irene was born, her mother feared nothing more than to lose another child. Love turned to over-protection, confinement and eventually abuse when Irene tried to have her own life separate from her dominating mother.

The title "The Sitting Swing" refers to a swing the author could barely use as a child because the rosebushes around it made it impossible to move very far. Irene's mother watched the swing through the window to make sure her daughter never left her sight. Repression was central to Irene's life. Her mother disapproved of her friends, squelched her efforts to make her own choices about her clothes, and chose denial when Irene's cousins were physically abusive.

As her teenage years came, Irene was close to becoming a juvenile delinquent. If not for one close friend to confide in, she might well have joined a gang--had there been one in her small town. Even when Irene married, thinking she could then escape her mother's abusive control, she had to give into her mother about her wedding plans. This long duration of emotional and physical abuse taught Irene defensive and manipulative behaviors to protect herself--behaviors that would hinder her as an adult. Only when she attended the Avalon Recovery Center was Irene able to take responsibility for her future and move past the pain of her childhood.

"The Sitting Swing" is the heroic tale of one woman's ability to find the courage, wisdom and serenity needed to change. This newly revised edition includes an Afterword in which Irene reflects on her father's passing and the inner peace she found by understanding and forgiving her mother. Irene's story will inspire people who have suffered unhappy childhoods to take responsibility for their present lives, rewrite their life scripts, and move forward with joy and self-esteem.

About the Author
Irene Watson holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, with honors, from Regis University in Denver, CO where her emphasis was on spirituality and psychosynthesis. Irene's life has taken her on many paths, with breakthrough results and exemplar growth, to find her authentic and true self. Today she is the Managing Editor of her book review and author publicity company, Reader Views, as well as president of a nonprofit organization, Higher Power Foundation, Inc. through which she facilitates transformational retreats. Irene lives with her husband on the banks of Barton Creek in Austin, Texas along with their Pomeranian, Tafton, rescued cat, Patches, and rescued cockatiel, Clemment.

"The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference" (ISBN 9781932690675, Loving Healing Press, 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit http://www.lovinghealing.com. Publicity contact: http://www.ReaderViews.com. Review copies available upon request.


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