HopHunt.com Going Crazy Has Given Away Over $70 Million in Free PPC Ads

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HopHunt, a new start-up unknown search engine website was going crazy. It has given away over $70 million worth of free ppc ads to webmasters and advertisers.

HopHunt, a new start-up unknown search engine website was going crazy.

First, it provides extensive and cleaner search experience to searchers. It hops between major search engines and get the best and cleaner top listings.

Searchers no longer hop between major search engines anymore, they just hop on at HopHunt to find what they want and get cleaner listings without plenty of paid ads.

Plus, HopHunt has already given away over $70 Million worth of free ppc (pay per click) ads to webmasters and advertisers. No one else did it.

In just five months, over 700 webmasters, Internet marketers, affiliates, bloggers and seo experts became free sponsors and got $100,000 each worth of free ppc ads.

The free sponsors or advertisers were now happy promoting their websites, blogs, products and services for free and get quality visitors for nothing. They keep on promoting but keep on silence because of competitions.

For just 0.05 cents per click, sponsors can get 2 million free visitors using the $100,000 worth of free ppc ads. For 0.10 cents per click, you can get 1 million free visitors and for 0.30 cents per click you get over 300,000 free visitors.

However, for more competitive keywords, sponsors can bid as high as $30 per click to outbid other competitors and get over 3,000 free visitors using the $100,000 worth of free ppc ads.

This is the same in the real ppc world, advertisers bid as much as $30 to outbid other top competitors and still earn profit or lose money if they were not clever.

If you are a newbie marketer you are likely to lose money on ppc advertising but if you try to advertise for free at HopHunt using the free ppc ads, you have nothing to lose but you always gain ppc experience.

It's very easy to get the $100,000 in free ppc ads at HopHunt. Just create sponsor account, inside your sponsor account you can create as many ads as you like to promote you websites, blogs, products or services.

HopHunt would like to give away $500 Million worth of free ppc ads within a year, that would not take long considering that it is now the talk of the web and being buzzed in the webmasters community, so you should hop in right now to avail.

You might still say that HopHunt doesn't have much traffic yet. But take this, when Google started on the Internet it didn't have much traffic also but now is the second most trafficked site on the entire Internet.

Think about it… one, two, or three years from now. It is no doubt it will also get more traffic. With the ever rising cost of ppc ads today, it's worth your time to avail the free ppc offer while it's free.

For more information about HopHunt and How to Get $100,000 in Free PPC Ads, just visit http://www.hophunt.com.


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