Failure to Achieve Orgasm Leads Woman on Violent Quest for Sexual Gratification

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Being a beautiful woman, having brains and a fantastic job are not enough for Catherine Harlow. She has never had an orgasm, but now she is determined to achieve one. Her quest brings into her life three very different men, including one who lives a sadistic life in a basement.

A wealthy businessman in a penthouse, a mild mannered Welshman, and a bastard corporate son all seek the attention of Catherine Harlow. But it is only Zudd, who lives in a basement and wants to use Catherine as his sado-masochistic sex toy who may have a chance at pleasing her in Alan Grossberg's dramatic new novel "Zudd: No Bargain in Debasement" (ISBN 9780977956142, Piera Press, 2008).

Catherine Harlow has everything--brains, beauty, a fantastic job and a wonderful life in New York City. At least, most people would say she has it all. But she has never had an orgasm. Now she is on a quest to achieve one, and she will sleep with as many men as it takes, no matter whether they are kind and decent, rich or poor, or even sadomasochistic, in order to achieve the ultimate sexual pleasure.

Three men strive for Catherine's affections. They are Harrison Foote III, her multimillionaire boss, the Welshman Tom who sincerely loves her but cannot bring her to the throes of ecstasy she craves, and Zudd, the illegitimate son of Harrison Foote III, who lives in the basement of his father's building. Because Zudd is able to debase Catherine in ways that bring her pleasure, wealth and kindness stand little chance against the cravings of sexual pleasure.

Catherine wants her orgasm, but the cost may be more than she ever imagined. Zudd has been experimenting with means to make himself immune from all disease and destructive chemicals. Now he wants to use Catherine to help him breed a master race to take over the world. The cost of sexual gratification may well be more than Catherine bargained for.

Alan Grossberg wrote "Zudd: No Bargain in Debasement" in 1976 but it was suppressed by its prospective publisher. Men loved it, but the women's movement would have cried out against it. Today, however, both male and female readers choose to explore erotic human sexuality and the inexplicable cravings that accompany it. Readers will find "Zudd" a fascinating character study of the animal instincts that compose such an important part of human identity, yet lead people to make decisions they would not if their sexual urgings did not take control. Grossberg has created an enticing study in fiction of what is madness and how pleasure can be achieved. Debasement and satisfaction may or may not be comrades.

About the Author
Alan Grossberg is a wanderer who has traveled throughout Europe and the U.S., been published in "Esquire" and "O. Henry Prize Stories" and then saw his first novel in print, to wide critical praise, while scarcely out of his teens. Today he travels the country in his RV. Besides his new novel "Zudd," he is the author of "The Endless Refrain."

"Zudd: No Bargain in Debasement (ISBN 9780977956142, Piera Press, 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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