Twittin' Secrets Revealed: 100 World's Greatest Twitter Tips by Marketing Expert

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When it comes to secrets, few are better experienced at revealing them, than internet strategist, Dan Hollings, the mastermind behind the massively successful internet marketing campaign for the #1 smash hit move, "The Secret." This week, Dan releases some of his own secrets, 100 of them in fact. But this time rather than 100 year old secrets on a grand scale, the secrets revealed are of microscopic proportions. "Twittin' Secrets: The 100 World's Greatest Twitter Tips & Twitter Secrets." Yes, 100 Twitter secrets, 100% free.

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All the world is a'Twittering these days, from NASA who Twittered the news of ice on Mars, to CNN news anchors like Rick Sanchez who incorporates viewer interaction via Twitter, to businesses, and even The LA Fire Department, which put the technology to use for communications during California wildfires.

However, when most people first visit, they are flummoxed by the overwhelming simplicity. Sparse instructions indicate a user can type a short sentence of only 140 characters answering the question: "What are you doing?"... no more, no less!

Wait... is this so simple, it's hard to understand? Why would anyone want to Twitter? Yes, millions of people are doing this daily, but the reasons are anything but obvious. Perhaps a little help is needed; tips, strategies, examples, or a few Twitter secrets? Would it help to know the secret of expanding social connections; the secret to finding a job; the secret to improving your business; or the biggest secret of all, "How to make money with Twitter?"

When it comes to secrets, perhaps few are better experienced at revealing them in a grand way, than internet and mobile marketing strategist, Dan Hollings. After all, Dan is well known for breaking many internet records with the novel and massively successful internet marketing campaign he orchestrated for the #1 hit move, The Secret.

This week, Dan Hollings releases some of his own secrets, 100 of them in fact. But this time rather than something on such a grand scale, the secrets revealed are of microscopic proportions. "Twittin' Secrets: The 100 World's Greatest Twitter Tips & Twitter Secrets," is a collection of over 100 Twitter tips and secrets representing the largest collection of Twitter how-to strategy ever published.

But first, for the uninitiated, let's define this microscopic thing: Twitter is a social networking micro-blogging communication tool that is somewhat akin to reality TV, only it's in TEXT format and allows anyone to post snippets of text and links out to the web, email and mobile phone. It's the new way that young and old alike connect, filling in the gaps between email, phone and blogs... yes, that in-between time where reality, life and business occurs!

The motivation behind this significant collection of 100 Twitter tips came from Dan's own frustrations when he first began exploring Twitter. "There are a lot of wimpy Twitter Tip Lists to be found online," states Dan Hollings, "but Twittin' Secrets is NOT one of them."

These 100+ Twitter Tips cover everything from the insightful Twitter beginners level to some strategies worthy of Olympic Twitter gold medal status. Even if one thinks they're a Twitter social expert or a Twitter business pro, discoveries from tip number one to tip one hundred abound for professionals and novices alike. One might say, this is one big little shovel full of "Twitter How-to."

All 100 Twittin' Secrets are available free (no money, no email, no catches) at:

EXCERPT: Tip #56 Revealed
Four Powerful Twitter News Strategies:

A) Do a press release that includes Twitter or better yet, do a press release about personal or business Twitterings. An interesting topic that's buzzing in the Twittosphere is likely newsworthy. A quick Yahoo or Google search will reveal many distribution services for press releases, however "Twittin' Secrets" recommend

     For a complete PRweb HOW-TO...
     visit link below and explore all links in the "Learn More" box:

Just remember that once a press release is approved and published, the opportunity to tweet some "Twitter news" is at-hand, presenting a wonderful reason to tweet all about it!

B) Getting Twitterings on TV. Another powerful news distribution strategy which allows the incorporation of Twitter is CNN's iReport allows anyone to submit news or public interest stories into their system. Video, images, text, related links, and a "Follow Me" on Twitter message may be included.

To start, create a free iReport account and read through their FAQs. All iReports should be news or story-like; perhaps related to something already in the news; or pick one of the many CNN "Assignment" reports. The easiest way to tie Twitter to an iReport is to relate Twitter topics to the iReport submitted. Bottom line: use good judgment.

Remember that press releases and news reports are NOT advertisements. These are distribution systems for news and people viewing press releases or an iReport expect news. The good news with CNN is that even if iReports are not selected for TV broadcast, CNN web traffic can be bountiful.

CNN iReports:


Just as in example A, remember that once an iReport is approved and published, tweeting out to the entire Twittoverse is another "Twittin' Secret" recommendation.

C) Add Twitterings to Social News. Social News sites are communities where users submit news stories, articles, videos and images sharing them with other users and the public. Here is one of many resources recommended in "Twittin' Secrets:"

     A List of 48 Social News Websites

D) Follow Barack Obama. Twittin' Secrets is not necessarily making a political recommendation here, rather it's giving Twitter marketing advice. If anyone has mastered the use of the internet, social media, mobile and Twitter to build community, win friends and influence millions, it's the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama. Today, Obama is the #1 followed person on Twitter.

     CNN iReport:
     Barack Obama (on Twitter):

A site that has monitored and distilled the important marketing elements and strategies behind the Obama marketing campaign is Barack 2.0 (Barack 2.0, Web 2.0, get it?)

     Barack 2.0

Barack 2.0 turns valuable political campaign lessons and observations into strategies and tools that will not only help with Twitter, but also with any business or marketing endeavor.

Want More Twitter Tips?

100 more Twittin' Secrets from Dan Hollings' Twitter Tips collection are available free at:


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