Political Bull.net the Non-Partisan Political Analysis Website Announces the Launching of Political Connections to Provide a New Set of Political Tools

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Political Connections provides a new approach to political and economic analysis and launches with a bang. The first series of connections includes a detailed analysis of the motivations for the launch of the war in Iraq. This connection explores the political thinking that leader of the Western powers start a war they believed they no other option but to start.

The True Connections that lead to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

PoliticalConnections.net details the connections that produced the 2003 invasion of Iraq with its first series of connections. Political Connections is an offshoot of PoliticalBull.net the longtime non-partisan political analysis website. Political Bull has been providing non-partisan news and analysis on a variety of political and economic issues. Political Bull wrote nearly 5 years ago that it believe Osama bin Laden to be dead, killed in the initial bombing of Afghanistan. To date this analysis has not been refuted nor exposed as inaccurate. In 2005 Political Bull wrote about the connection between monetary policy and the oil market and predicted a rise in oil prices unrelated to supply and demand forces. In 2006 Political Bull wrote that the housing market was due for an implosion because of the credit market and the method used by banks to finance the loans they were underwriting.

With the launch of Political Connections, the Political Bull staff employs a new approach and tools that provides a range of insight unique to Internet analysis. Never shying a way from complex or controversial issues, "The True Connections that lead to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq" provides an examination of the circumstances that have evolved in Iraq. The reasons for launching the U.S. invasion of Iraq have been cloaked in suspicion, conspiracy and misread intelligence. The most patriotic choose the misread intelligence theory while championing the byproduct goals of removing Saddam Hussein from power. The most skeptical usually lean on the war for oil theory. In a strange sense there is a possibility that both have some truth within them yet neither adequately puts all the pieces together. For the first time all the facts are arranged in their proper sequence to help explain and understand the real reason for the invasion of Iraq.

Other connections in the initial launch include showing how the Junk Bond market of the 1980s produced the housing meltdown in 2007; how the Berlin Airlift lead to the 2008 Korean beef protests; and the relationship between the Franco-Prussian war and Dick Cheney. Connections show that events are related. Political leaders constantly make decisions that have unforeseen and far reaching consequences down the line. Understanding these connections helps make sense out of the political and economic world and should make politicians think more closely about the consequences of their actions. One has to wonder whether the King of France would have funded the American Revolution had he known it would eventually cost him his head?

Political Bull and Political Connections avoid the politics and conspiracies that are rampant among Internet Blog websites. Instead, the authors focus on employing the scientific method to produce non-partisan analysis. With history scholars, a PhD. and graphic artists on the staff, PB.net and PC.net provide a unique and sometimes humorous approach to politics, economics, history and religion. The launch of Political Connections provides new tools to help explain and predict political phenomena.

PoliticalBull.net launched in 2004 to provide serious analysis of politics and economics unfettered by partisan ideology.


Kevin Crystal, PhD.
PoliticalBull.net / PoliticalConnections.net


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