Blue Ray Technologies and Chatsworth Data Corporation Reach Exclusive Agreement for Super Blu-Ray Discs

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Deal would see single Blu-ray discs that could hold 68 million pages of documents - "Our goal is to store the entire Library of Congress on one disc," says Blue Ray Technologies founder Erick Hansen

Blue Ray Technologies is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Chatsworth Data Corp. to capture data from forms and documents that can be converted to the Blu-ray disc format, the next generation disc that allows 25-50 GB per disc at present. That would mean each disc could contain from 1.6 million to 34 million pages of documents, depending on their format.

Furthermore, Blue Ray is developing its four-layer 100GB BD that would hold 68 million pages of RTF documents on one disc.

"Our goal is to put the entire Library of Congress on a single disc," said Blue Ray founder and DVD pioneer Erick Hansen. "We can't replace their original Gutenberg Bible or Declaration of Independence draft, but our lofty target is to capture their 34 million books on a single disc within two years."

And those documents could be well protected. Hansen says his company is creating proprietary digital processing and retrieval system for ultra-sensitive documents based on 512K encryption that would be valued by governments and corporations whose data cannot be allowed to be compromised. Present state-of-the-art is only 128K encryption.

"We plan to be America's largest independent digital solutions provider," said Hansen.

"We expect some Blu-ray players to come into the $200-$250 range by the end of the year," predicted Hansen, considered an veteran expert in the field. "That will cause the market explode."    

Regarding the recent agreement with Chatsworth Data Corporation, Hansen said, "I could not be happier than to work with a cutting edge company whose document capturing technology runs from vote tabulation and intelligence gathering to healthcare and data management. We look forward to working with them and developing new technologies for the 21st Century and beyond."

Under the agreement, the data from clients would be put into an electronic format and encrypted using Blue Ray Technologies encryption technology.

CDC president and CEO Sid L. Anderson noted, "This is a very significant agreement for Chatsworth Data Corporation. Blue Ray Technologies is the standard in the field of high level encryption technology and for it to choose Chatsworth Data Corporation as its data capture component is a real accomplishment for the Company."

The U.S. Blu-ray pre-recorded disc market will double by the end of the year, with 2008 sales reaching 45 million units, according to top UK research firm Future Source.

There will be plenty of room for independents like Blue Ray Technologies as the majors are not covering everything. On big titles, the share of total sales being taken by BD has already hit 5-6% and by Q4 it is possible we'll see a 10% or even 12% share for some of the really big hitters, the report claims.

Regarding BD-R/BD-RE Media Demand in the US Future Source expects limited demand short-to-medium term due to: penetration of Blu-ray Re-Writer Drives, copy protection of pre-recorded BD titles and broadcast flagging to prevent the copying of HD broadcasts. Also, consequently, we expect prices of BD-R/BD-RE media to remain high in this timeframe, according to Jeremy Wills, consultant at the company.

By 2012, between 40% and 50% of consumer expenditure on video discs will be allocated to Blu-ray according to the latest analysis from Future Source.

What has been disappointing to date for the content companies has been the lack of catalogue title sales, exactly what BRT can help with, though the studios are showing no signs of reducing their interest in catalogue product.

There are now 90,000 DVD titles available according to a key report yesterday, and only 6,000 on Blu-ray, leaving BRT, and the whole industry, with much opportunity.

Blu-ray titles will account for about 12 percent of video sales by the end of the year, the research firm said, and will rise to 61 percent by 2012. In a statement, Future Source managing director Jim Bottoms said, "What has impressed me most is the way the retailers are supporting Blu-ray -- and how much space they are giving over to Blu-ray discs."

Located in Spokane, Washington, Blue Ray Technologies LLC was launched in 2007 to provide next generation Blu-ray digital disk, replication and package assembly services for the computer hardware, software and movie industries. It is the first and only independently owned Blu-ray manufacturer in the United States. The Blue Ray team has been extensively involved in the production of digital disk since 1997. Blue Ray is a closely held private corporation dedicated to providing the best service, prices, quality and turnaround time available in the industry. For more information about Blue-Ray Technologies LLC visit

About Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc.:
Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Company is the parent of Chatsworth Data Corporation ("CDC"), of Chatsworth, California. CDC has been trusted worldwide for 37 years as a provider of innovative, highly accurate and economically-priced intelligent data capture technology. CDC provides the front-end optical mark sensing and image scanning systems designed to meet the forms capture and document management needs of value added resellers, system integrators and applications developers who embed CDC technology into solutions tailored for several key markets. Chief among them are gaming/lottery, education, vote tabulation, healthcare, government, surveying, intelligence gathering and data management. Over a million readers and optical head assemblies have been sold by CDC to date. CDC also develops impact recording devices for packaging, shipping, insurance and transportation companies as well as organizations that manufacture fragile or sensitive products. Shares of International Data Solutions, Inc., formerly Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc., are traded on OTC:BB under the symbol CHWD. For more information about the Company and CDC, visit


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