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Kindle Innovations has built an advanced open web property with tremendous opportunity for growth as well as a platform in which to expand into other value-added venues

Kindle Innovations announced today the launching of, a collaboration website where busy people connect with others from their real-life communities. TabUp is changing the way people stay in touch online by providing a secure place for groups and families to build "Tabs," spaces for sharing discussions, photos, schedules, and information from the Web. Content recommendations enrich and support member interests and activities within and across a user's Tabs. Individuals use TabUp's mashup features to keep current and bring together the many facets of their lives.    

TabUp is a social collaboration suite used by groups, families, and people who share activities and interests. Menu-driven functionality enables those with no technical expertise to build Tabs that include collaboration tools and interest-related content from the internet. Each user's home Tab provides a summary of a user's Tabs and displays user-selected news, entertainment, and local information. Extensive customization and design features throughout TabUp provide control, helping members maximize their limited time and attention while creating a rich and personalized social media experience.    

"My calendar is overflowing with business, family and community commitments. TabUp enhances my ability to manage competing demands on my time," said PJ Louis, advisor to Kindle Innovations and author of over 11 books and numerous articles on Telecom and Media including "Social Collaboration -- The Next Step in Social Networking."

TabUp allows groups to share information and designate whether Tab contents are visible to all registered TabUp users or only to invited members of the group's Tab. Individual users control how much of their personal information to display on a Tab-by-Tab basis. "Unlike social networking websites, TabUp's primary focus is on group collaboration. We see value in our users having a secure place for the free exchange of ideas," said Greg Theisen, CEO and President of Kindle Innovations. "At TabUp, you can share what you need with the people you trust."

TabUp developers have incorporated the latest web technologies (including AJAX; Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5; and Silverlight 2.0) to provide a platform for robust media experiences such as animation, audio-visual playback, and interactive applications. Using these technologies, TabUp is able to rapidly introduce third-party multimedia functionality to the TabUp environment as it becomes available and further enrich the group collaboration experience.

"TabUp is one of the first collaboration suites to utilize Microsoft's new Silverlight 2.0, designed for next generation rich media interactive applications for the Web," said Vitaly Dubravin, COO and Co-Founder of Kindle Innovations.

TabUp is bridging the gap between hierarchical taxonomy and folksonomy, helping users harness the information in their hectic lives. TabUp's information architecture provides users with targeted content, applications, and advertising that are highly relevant to their interests.

"Kindle Innovations has built an advanced open web property with tremendous opportunity for growth as well as a platform in which to expand into other value-added venues," said Dr. Gene Shklover, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Kindle Innovations. "We see fitting into a relatively untapped market with huge growth potential."    

About Kindle Innovations
Kindle Innovations is a developer and incubator of new software ideas and web properties. Its founders have specialized expertise in the development of mobile applications, spatial information systems, IT operations, distributed databases, data warehousing, data visualization, data mining, and mobile data services. TabUp, a consumer collaboration suite that meets the needs of real world groups and organizations, is the first web property to be developed by Kindle Innovations.


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