Adaptive Marketing LLC® Suggests Adding Fitness to the Traveling Show

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Adaptive Marketing Gives Tips on How to Stay in Shape on the Road.

Adaptive Marketing Gives Tips on How to Stay in Shape on the Road

Adaptive Marketing LLC®, an industry leader in membership programs, knows how tough it can be to stay in shape, especially if work requires a lot of travel. After all, business trips call for frequent meetings, company events and little free time. But finding creative and fun ways to burn calories while traveling is a practiced art.

That's why Adaptive Marketing advises making general fitness part of work travel. Got 15 extra minutes? There's lots of ways to make that time count.

-- Jump for joy. Bringing along a jump rope is a good call for two reasons. First, it takes up very limited packing space, and second, it's the perfect way to get a good sweat going in a very short amount of time. And not only is it lightweight and completely portable, jumping rope for even 15 minutes can burn nearly 200 calories. Just think how great it'll be to enjoy an extra dessert at a company event -- guilt-free.

-- Mix and match. Business trips provide a chance to mix and match -- even flip-flop a work-out. Remember, getting creative is one of the hallmarks of business travel fitness. Switching out an exercise regimen, for example, from outdoor to indoor pursuits (let's say, swapping jogging for swimming laps) is a great way to work around inclement-weather issues. Besides, swimming works a lot of different muscles, and it doesn't put undue pounding on the lower body like jogging can.

-- "Gym rats" are us. Of course, business trips are for work, first and foremost, but many hotels include everything from "fitness kits" for yoga and Pilates to exercise bikes, treadmills and universal gyms. For all the "gym rats" out there, consider booking a hotel that offers some fitness-oriented options.

-- Necessity is the mother of invention. Long before the health craze swept across the U.S. some 30-plus years ago, people had to do without state-of-the-art fitness equipment. In fact, gym memberships were few and far between, and people often had to make up their own workout options, like doing "mountain climbers" (sort of like running in place, but on bended knee; simulate climbing up a mountain, with arms in front, while legs go back and forth). If space isn't available to jump rope (e.g., if the ceiling's too low), then fill the bill with some ol' reliables like push-ups, sit-ups, kneeling back-leg extensions and one-legged lunges.

Having access to useful workplace tips like this is just one aspect of what Adaptive Marketing provides. For all those little things that give businesses a decided edge and keep employees happy in their work, the name to remember is Adaptive Marketing LLC®.

About Adaptive Marketing LLC®:
Adaptive Marketing LLC® is a leading provider of membership discount programs. Headquartered in Stamford, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in membership programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Visit to find out more information about Adaptive Marketing LLC®.


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