Skincare Tactics and Strategies: 7 Skin Care Tricks to Combat Adult Acne

Share Article discusses adult acne, a common and potentially exasperating condition. Find out how to create a skincare routine that both treats and prevents breakouts.

It isn't always raging hormones that cause acne. Adult acne can also be caused by genetics, stress, certain medications and bacteria.'s latest article, "7 Steps to Combat Adult Acne discusses how and why blemishes continue to form long after adolescence, and what can be done.

Blemish basics
Acne results when bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt and oil get trapped in the pores. Women are prone to hormonal breakouts during their periods. Most commonly, blemishes are either whiteheads (closed comedones) or blackheads (open comedones). Blemishes that are red, swollen and painful to the touch are called cysts, occurring when bacteria and oil become trapped deep down in the pores; these are the most difficult to treat and can easily leave scars.

Acne-fighting ingredients
While in the past adults suffering from acne had few options, today there are countless treatments tailored specifically for grown-up skin. When buying products, look for these main ingredients:

Salicylic acid: A beta hydroxy acid derived from white willow bark that has exfoliating and antiseptic properties. It will help keep the skin smooth and prevent a build-up of dead skin cells.

Benzoyl peroxide: Naturally antibacterial and antiseptic, benzoyl peroxide works by exfoliating and drying excess oil and sebum. If the skin is dry or sensitive, avoid benzoyl peroxide; it's too drying for these skin types.

Glycolic acid: Helps remove deep impactions from the pores, reducing excess oil and preventing bacteria from building up in the hair follicle.

Seven steps to clearer skin

1. Be consistent. Constantly switching products can exacerbate acne, so stick with a new routine for at least several weeks (or months) to give skin time to respond. Why not immediate results? Because many blemishes begin to form weeks before they appear on the face. So, acne will typically look worse before it gets better, while the products work to "purge" blemishes hiding just beneath the skin.

2. Start with a clean slate. Prevent acne by properly cleansing the skin, morning and night, with an acne-fighting cleanser. Many think cleansing in the mornings is useless, since all traces of makeup were removed the night before. But, as people sleep, oils and pollutants actually build up on the skin's surface. If a medicated cleanser becomes too drying to use twice a day, apply it only at night and use a non-medicated cleanser in the mornings.

3. Eliminate dead skin. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil and debris, encourage new cell turnover and might even help minimize the appearance of acne scars.

Manual exfoliators use tiny beads to slough off imperfections from the skin's surface. Use a gentle formula two to three times a week. Another option is a chemical exfoliant. Don't use exfoliating products too often or scrub too aggressively -- this can cause small cuts in the skin's surface that allow bacteria to creep in, causing blemishes.

4. Always hydrate. Moisturizing is important to adult skin, because as we age, our skin tends to get drier. Even if the skin is extremely oily, it will still benefit from a lightweight moisturizer at least once a day. Plus, acne-fighting treatments, though effective, can be harsh and drying to the skin.

5. Spot the solution. To shrink existing blemishes, use a spot treatment.

6. Mask the problem. Facial masks are a great way to dry up blemishes and clear up imperfections. Try a mask with specialized ingredients that reduce inflammation and absorb oil. Applied once a week, acne masks should leave blemished areas looking and feeling calmer and less inflamed. More importantly, they'll help clear blemishes faster by reducing bacteria that blocks the hair follicle.

7. Seek help. If acne still hasn't cleared up, don't hesitate to consult a dermatologist. Combating acne early can prevent acne scarring and discoloration. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

Deep Cleanse and Purify
When most people think of spring cleaning, they probably envision cleaning out the closet or the garage, getting fid of the jutnk, dirt and cobweb.s They might easily forget about the face, but the reality is that the face and body can benefit from a deep cleansing and purifying treatment beyond a basic daily routine. Regardless of skin type -- oily, dry, combination or sensitive -- without deep cleaning, dirt, sebum (oil) and dead skin cells build up on the skin over time, leaving it dull and lifeless. Everyone can reap the benefits of a deep cleansing mask to remove impurities, and certain ingredients are ideal for this purpose.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs are natural acids derived from fruit, milk or sugar cane, which dissolve dead skin cells and allow fresh, healthy cells to emerge. With so many kinds of AHAs, including glycolic, lactic, citric, mandelic and malic acids, the degree of exfoliation depends on the particular acid and its pH level. Because of their ability to boost cell regeneration, AHAs are used for everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne and age spots. Dermatologists and other skin care professionals use higher doses of up to 70 percent for chemical peels.

Known as "nature's beauty mineral," sulfur fights acne and other skin disorders such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis or flaky, reddish skin. Sulfur is also necessary for stabilizing keratin protein in hair and nails and aids in the synthesis of collagen, which prevents dryness and maintains elasticity in the skin. Overall, because of its ability to protect against harmful effects of radiation and pollution, sulfur slows down the physical signs of the aging process. Most commonly found in deep cleansing masks, sulfur is a key ingredient in shampoos, cleansing bars, topical treatments and exfoliants.

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