Sarah Palin's Eyeglasses Prompts Online Retailer To Offer Style Assistance

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Online eyewear and reading glasses retailer offers style assistance to callers who are responding to Sarah Palin's eyeglasses.

I took the approach of helping them discover their own style, rather than try to look like Palin.

Vice Presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, has created a frenzy in the eyeglass world. She has re-assured us that glasses can be an accessory worth talking about and flaunting. With an estimated 161 million people worldwide, as reported by the World Health Organization in 2000, having a visual impairment and an estimated millions of them needing eyeglasses, people all over are asking the question "How can I look good in my glasses, too?"

One online reading glasses retailer is providing information to eyeglass shoppers to help them find styles that will go well with their features. With the rush of requests to find eyeglasses that look just like those worn by Sarah Palin, Read in Style, online at: is directing people to their style expert pages to help them find glasses that will look good on their face, not Palin's.

"Customers have been calling non-stop looking for glasses that look just like ones worn by Governor Palins," said Cassia Cogger, owner of "I took the approach of helping them discover their own style, rather than try to look like Palin."

Cogger's approach to style assistance focuses on two main aspects of the face and body: the shape of the face and the coloring of the person and their clothing. Tips for each aspect follow.

Matching the Eyeglasses to the Shape of the Face

The general rules for matching eyeglasses to the shape of your face are:

1.    The shape of the eye glass frames should draw a contrast with your face shape.
2.    Your eyeglasses should enhance your personal features; for example, your black hair or brown eyes.
3.    Your glasses should be sized in proportion to your face size; i.e. not too large or too small.

Eyeglasses Frame Tips to go with the Seven Basic Face Shapes

  •     Round - The purpose of the frame will be to make the face look a lot thinner and longer. Narrow angular frames that are wider, like a rectangular shape will work best.
  •     Oval - Probably the most balanced shape for a face, this face shape can look good in most any shape frame.
  •     Oblong - The frame has to make the face appear shorter so try frames that have a slightly lower bridge which will help the nose appear short, also go in for some contrasting temples to make the face look wider.
  •     Base-Down Triangle - These shapes have very narrow foreheads. Frames with more emphasis on the top like cat-eye shapes, will help to emphasize the upper half of the face.
  •     Base-Up Triangle - Rimless frames go best with such shapes minimizing the effect of the upper half.
  •     Square - Usually the epitome of strength, oval frames and other narrow frame styles may help to soften the strong features.
  •     Diamond - The rarest of shapes, these go best with rimless frames or even cat-eye shapes.

Matching The Eyeglasses To Your Colors

In addition to the shape of the face, it is best to choose eyeglass frames that go best with your eyes, skin and hair and complement your personal clothing. Eye, skin and hair colors can all be divided into warm and cool colors. You need to decide whether your colors are warm or cool, and then select an appropriate eyeglass color. Usually, the colors that go well with warm coloring are warm colors themselves like frames in gold, copper, peach, even fire-engine red, some off-whites and some blue and blond. Cool coloring again goes well with cooler shades for frames - blue, pink, maybe magenta, rose, black for those who are willing to experiment and jade.

In a nutshell, Read in Style recommends that eyeglass wearers consider all of the above tips when selecting reading glasses and then identify their own face shape and color based upon not only clothing and skin tones, but also personality. Finding a good design and style can enhance the presentation of all eyeglass wearers, not just Sarah Palin.


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