Online Birthstone Retailer Launches Its New Fall Line of Custom Sapphire Jewelry

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Sapphire: September's birthstone, brings romance, enlightenment, and inner peace. Learn more in this fascinating guide to sapphires from Diviene.

If heaven has a color, it is the clear, velvety, deep blue of a mountain sky. If heaven were a gemstone, there is no question that it would be a sapphire. In fact, some ancient peoples believed that the world was attached to a colossal blue sapphire known as the firmament, and that earthly sapphires had been blessed by God with the powers of protection.

So it's no wonder that for thousands of years, sapphires have been associated with wisdom, intuition, spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. It was the gem of choice for the Greek god Apollo, worn by priests in his temple. Buddhists believe that sapphires have magical powers that connect humanity to God, and in modern India, they are considered to protect the wearer from poisoning. By some accounts, the origins of the word sapphire go back as far as the Sanskrit sani priya, meaning "sacred to Saturn."

Many references to sapphires are also found in the Bible and related Judeo-Christian folklore, from Moses to New Jerusalem. Sapphires were included on the breastplates of ancient Jewish high priests and Christian priests in the Middle Ages wore this stone to guard against impure thoughts and temptation. To this day, a sapphire is traditionally set into the Roman Catholic pope's gold ring, symbolizing marriage to the church and purity of the soul.

If you were lucky enough to be born in September, or are close to someone with a birthday this month, you'll be delighted to hear that wearing jewelry with this month's birthstone (link to may give rise to such qualities as truth, sincerity, romance, faithfulness, friendship, loyalty and harmony. For this reason, brides in many societies prefer sapphire engagement rings; in the past, sapphires were often given to their wives by soldiers before leaving to fight in the belief that adultery committed by the wearer would cause the stone to darken.

Although blue is the color that instantly comes to mind for sapphires, there is actually a wide range of color variations for this gem - known scientifically as corundum - including nearly every color except red. Although they share the exact same properties, red corundum is known as ruby. The corundum group is characterized by its exceptional hardness (9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale), second only to diamonds as the hardest minerals on earth.

So-called "fancy" sapphires can be green, yellow, pink, orange, purple or white (colorless). Unusual star sapphires display a beautiful star pattern or "asterism," and can be quite valuable with high clarity. The rare color-changing sapphire is prized for its ability to generate different colors depending on what light it is viewed in. And even within the normal blue color, a full array of shades can be found, from the palest sky blue to the most prized cornflower blue.

With their wide variety of colors and qualities, sapphires remain very popular gemstones used in all types of jewelry from rings to bracelets to pendants. They are valued as a September birthstone, a romantic 45th wedding anniversary gift or "just because" of their beauty. You can find a large selection of sapphire jewelry at, where each piece is made to order with your choice of stone and design. Anyone wearing sapphires will never be singing the blues.


Southern California-based Diviene Company, the internet birthstone experts, is an online retailer of elegant, custom-created gemstone jewelry. Each piece is professionally designed and hand-crafted in America by a family with more than 80 combined years in the jewelry business. For more information, visit their website at

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