Mortgage Lenders Fight Back, Making Many Investors Wonder - What Happens Next?

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Property investment expert Property Mentor have launched a brand new campaign to help people understand the real state of mortgage lending in the UK and dispel false media hype and secure the minds of the public.

Inspired by the recent revival of increased lending options from the UK's top ten Banks, Property Mentor has launched a new campaign, to stop the panic and set the record straight.

Through a series of seminars, they hope to prove to investors - new and experienced - that the investment market is far from over. That there will always be a buy-to-let market.

"The market is changing. As we speak 10 mortgage companies have already cut their interest rates by 0.46% to 0.72%. And that has all taken place in the last ten weeks.

'This is great news for first time buyers. Especially for those who have been trying to get onto the property ladder for the last year."

"But for many investors, they believe this spells the beginning of a change. If people can buy once again. Who will rent? Surely, the buy-to-let market will fall?"

"Wrong. In fact this is far from the truth. We believe there will always be a tenancy ready and waiting to fill the rental market. Investors just need to have the confidence to adapt their tools and move with the changing times." - Matthew Lauchlan, Property Mentor Director.

Yet, it is easy to see why so many investors are beginning to feel the pressure. According to BBC News, the affects of these recent interest cuts have rippled across the whole of the market. Resulting in a full on bidding war:

-Abbey National has broadened their lending options from 25% deposits to 15% deposits - a much easier sell to first time buyers.

-According to John Charcol - spokesman of Mortgage Brokers - mortgage lenders are now actively seeking out first time buyers. Something they have avoided for the last year!

  • Nationwide, HSBC, and the Co-op Banks - all have cut their rates by a 0.6%. A 0.06% every week.
  • Not to be out done by the 10% price cut on deposit requirements. Buyers can now access 60%, 65% and 70% loan-to-value mortgages.

To prove to investors that investment is possible in ANY market, Property Mentor have gone one step further…

In their FREE 2 hour property seminar, they are offering investors the exclusive chance to meet delegates who have been investing since the late 1970's. Delegates who know first hand the changing face of the property market:

'Many of our experts have been investing in property for over 20 years. The crash of 1989, the boom of the early 2000's and even today, in the midst of our current crisis, they have invested in them all.'

'What we offer in our FREE 2 hour course is the opportunity for property investors to witness a proven system built on 8 simple tools. 8 tools that have been specifically designed to help our delegates invest in any market… anywhere in the country!'

'In fact, whereas many investors see the expanding mortgage market as a limitation… all we can see is limitless investment opportunities.'

Taking place across the whole of the UK, investors will be given access to 2 hours of FREE professional advice. No strings. No catch.

Just the exclusive opportunity to work alongside other investors; exchange tips and gain a clear insight into the ever evolving property market.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

-How to structure your properties for long term success - come property boom or credit crisis, investors will be shown that there is more to buy-to-let than finding bargains

-How to earn a guaranteed £500-£1,000 per property, per month within just 30 days of the course

-How to earn instant equities of over £15,000.

For more information on Property Mentor's forthcoming property investment workshops, visit


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