Two Years in Business for Diane's Minimall

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Online variety store Celebrates the beginning of a third year in business, adding new products and opening a new informational blog.

I am a massage therapist, and I am into health and comfort

When Diane Robinson opened in 2006, it was her goal to provide 'something for everyone'. Two years later she is celebrating the second anniversary of her store, and growing ever closer to providing a catalog of merchandise that appeals to all audiences.

"There are miscellaneous items for computers and electronics, and paper to print photos on -- everyone has a digital camera these days, and photo paper is well-used," says Diane, describing some of the items that can be found in her store as of the last year. "What I'm most excited about is our selection of diamond rings without a center stone; when I got married, I replaced my center stone, and it was much more beautiful. With these, you can buy a beautiful wedding ring and go out and choose your own stone to truly make it yours -- your own forever ring. It's such a great variety of items."

In recent history Diane has updated her catalog by using her family as her target market. "My daughter is an aerobics instructor, and she loves camo, so there are camo pants on the site," says Diane. "I found camo pants that are very comfortable and affordable. My husband and grandson play Playstation, and they love to race cars, so Gran Turismo IV is on there. There's also a bow saw in the catalog, which was my choice. I live in Florida, and I'm always looking for something lightweight to help trim our plants, as they grow very quickly and need to be pruned constantly. My bow saw is very handy, so I offer the same saw to my customers."

Of late, Diane has opened an informational blog at to help provide her customers with information about her site and products as well as general news. "I try to focus on current events, what's going on in the world," she explains. "Sometimes people get sentimental and things will jog a memory for them, and it's always fun to hear how they used to do this or use something like this and it brought back a memory just seeing it again. I love to hear feedback and comments. I also provide information about new products, like our Inchloss body wraps, which I've posted about because I use them and they're a quality product. I'm trying to get some more health items on there, and I'm giving people information about them as I do."

Diane's overall goal has not changed, however -- to provide something for everyone on her site. "I am a massage therapist, and I am into health and comfort," she explains. "I don't believe we should live so uptight. We are put on this Earth, given a body, and we need to take care of that body and also relax. The suit and tie thing is restrictive, and while a lot of people get involved in that, life is much more than a suit and tie. Most of the things that I have or do or enjoy are not confined; they're a little bit more free and open. I'm just trying to pass that along through my store."

Diane encourages customers to visit and exchange thoughts with her and others, and to visit to view new additions to the store.

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