HI-ORAC-8 from UV Exposures Proven to Reduce Photoaging and Risk of Melanoma

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UV Exposures announces the release of HI-ORAC-8 Anti Aging Sunscreen

UV Exposures announces the release of HI-ORAC-8 anti aging sunscreen, the highest UVA and UVB FDA approved sun filters combined with the highest ORAC valued antioxidants. These antioxidants; green tea, pomegranate, cocoa, carrot, coffee and vitamins E, D and A, create a synergistic barrier from environmental assailants and is proven through research trials to reverse the effects of UV damage and photoaging caused by free radical exposure. HI-ORAC-8 is the first approved sunscreen that contains the highest ORAC valued anti-aging topical antioxidants in one formulation.

Research conducted by Kerry Hanson, Research Chemist at University of California Riverside has validated that topical antioxidants--including idebenone, pomegranate, green tea, and vitamins E and C fight photoaging, lessen fine lines, and may protect against skin cancer. In a recent study, Hanson examined the quenching effectiveness of three antioxidants: vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin A. "There are natural enzymes in your skin that cleave the phosphate group and form a reservoir of vitamin C. The best results were achieved after multiple applications of the antioxidants when a significant amount of vitamin C accumulated within the skin. Any free radicals that are generated will be quenched by the vitamin C stored in your skin."

Restoring the skin's youthful appearance requires repairing free-radical induced damage, providing antioxidant protection, restoring moisture content, supporting production of collagen, elastin, and keratin, and enhancing the skin's healing mechanisms. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) represents an antioxidant's ability to defend against free radicals in the body. In excess, free radicals produce harmful oxidation that can damage cell membranes and accelerate aging. The skin is highly susceptible to free-radical induced damage caused by environmental stressors, resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin, rough texture, decreased moisture content, discoloration and photoaging. "These findings revitalize the idea of adding antioxidants to topical sunscreens. The concept is not new, but surprisingly few sunscreen manufacturers have adopted it," said Professor James Ferguson. MD, FRCP.

"Hi-ORAC-8 represents a new discovery in skin protection: the richest concentration of eight of the highest ORAC-rated topical antioxidants. The combination of these antioxidants has a synergistic effect that makes them work much more effectively in combination. The advances in research into topical antioxidants and their benefits in reducing and even reversing the signs of photoaging and damage from the sun led us to creating the world's first sunscreen that combines cutting edge dermatological research," said Matthew Nicolo, President of UV Exposures.
UV Exposures has reportedly been researching the formula for over a decade. "The synergistic effects of the eight most powerful antioxidants has resulted in a product that has a dramatic reversal on the negative effects of photoaging and sun damage" said Nicolo.

UV Exposures HI-ORAC-8 anti-aging sunscreen is available in SPF-8, SPF-15, SPF-30 and after sun moisturizer with a retail price of 25.00.
Available in numerous retail locations and online at http://www.uvexposures.com

For more information, please contact Matthew Nicolo, President at 800-881-7500 or matthew@uvexposures.com

SOURCE: UV Exposures, LLC


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