Ferrets Run Wild Gives Ferrets a Chance to Run Wild

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James Potvin founded http://www.FerretsRunWildBrand.com, a specialty webstore that deals with products specifically for ferrets. Potvin's site also has apparel and novelty items for ferret lovers and owners. His site has been active for nearly two years and has recently launched a companion blog, http://www.FerretsRunWild.com.

So I took my own pictures and wrote a book myself called

As far as pets go, ferrets are the most underrated out there. Unlike guinea pigs or mice, ferrets don't have an unbearable smell or produce offspring en masse. Ferrets are among the friendliest pets out there, which is probably why they're found in so many classrooms across the country. James Potvin took his interest in ferrets and turned it to both art and commerce.

"When I started the business, I wanted to sell a children's book about ferrets, but I couldn't find one," said Potvin. "So I took my own pictures and wrote a book myself called "The Adventures of Forest the Ferret."

Potvin's online business, http://www.FerretsRunWild.com, is a specialty webstore that is all things ferret related - from ferret beds to carriers - there's all sorts of items for the ferret owner. Potvin doesn't keep it strictly for the pets, however, as he also has t-shirts, hats, posters and stuffed animals.

"It started out as a hobby and grew into a business and it allows me to focus on something I'm passionate about," said Potvin when asked about his business. "It has given me a chance to use my education because I run every part of the operation."

As his business continues to gain more traction, Potvin is planning on expanding his product line. "We'll continue to add products that people ask for and want," he said. "I'm also experimenting with a mail order catalog."

To ensure that he can interact with fellow ferret fans, Potvin also created http://www.FerretsRunWildBlog.com as a companion website for his store. "The blog will be a great place for we can interact with our customers," explained Potvin. "We publish a monthly ferret story, as well as information about ferrets and appropriate products. The goal is to let people know what is going on with the company and to try to receive feedback."

Though they're not as synonymous as cats or dogs as family pets, ferrets are little furry creatures that have been overdue for their own niche store. James Potvin's http://www.FerretsRunWild.com proves that he's not the only one who doesn't mind redefining what a house pet can be.

About Ferrets Run Wild:
Ferrets Run Wild, LLC. started in January 2007 by James Potvin and it is based out of Michigan. The business has a two websites - http://www.FerretsRunWild.com and http://www.FerretsRunWildBlog.com - which used as a webstore and a weblog, respectively.

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