Are a Million Heads Better Than One?

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Millionheads launched a website that lets users tap the collective genius of the world when making personal decisions. At the heart of this free service is a social polling engine that accepts multiple choice questions of a personal nature and delivers results as a pie chart.

So we figured, how great would it be to have a website that enables 'crowdsourcing' for life's decisions?

Got choices? Need answers? Why not ask the crowd? is the newly launched social polling engine for all the "what should I do?" questions in life.

"The phenomenon that we see today is how individuals are making purchasing and personal decisions based on what strangers are saying about products and situations on the web," says Ben Rosner, co-founder of the Millionheads site. "So we figured, how great would it be to have a website that enables 'crowdsourcing' for life's decisions?" allows individuals to pose their questions anonymously to a crowd of the website's anonymous users. Poll responders are given two to five answers to choose from, often accompanied with photos for comparison. At the end of each day, the poller receives an email with the latest results of the crowd's consensus.

"We believe in the wisdom of crowds and how those crowds can often tell us the truth about what we need to do. Whether we need to validate a decision we've already made, or if we just want bounce ideas off of people objectively, getting that outside opinion is extremely valuable when we make decisions in our lives," says Rosner.

Unlike any other public polling website, millionheads restricts questions to include the words "should I" in the sentence to help keep the questions pertinent to ones life and to enable a pie-chart response instead of many equally valid opinions. For example, a question like ''What are the best sites to see in New York City?'' would be phrased on millionheads as ''Which of these four places should I definitely see when I come to NYC?'', offering options for people to vote on.

Rosner added, "It's this distinction which makes millionheads the best web-utility for helping people make quick and important decisions. Soon, people will be able to access millionheads from their own social network or from their mobile device making it even easier to get advice and make decisions."

Also, unlike other social networking and polling sites, millionheads does not require any form of user registration to participate. Pollers and voters only need to enter an email address to receive results from their poll. An additional unique feature allows for users to share their poll with up to five friends, who will also receive the final results by email.

A recent poller asks, ''Should I neuter my 3 year old dog?'' An overwhelming 84% of pollers responded with "Yes."

While a single poll has yet to receive a million answers, with social networking widgets on MySpace and Facebook in the works, that may soon change. Until then, participants on the site continue to subscribe to the philosophy that a million heads truly are better than one.


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