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Research reveals a trend towards nudity as increasing numbers of holiday makers prefer to strip off on the beach.

According to recent figures, participation in nudism is growing by 20 percent annually*. A recent poll from also shows that ten percent of its viewers would choose to leave their clothes behind on holiday.

If you're among those anti-clothing travellers and would like to be fully stripped of your inhibitions by getting your kit off on holiday; follow's latest guide to the world's best Nude Beaches.

For such a carefree practice, the assumption would be that there are no rules. However, even the most freeing experiences require some diplomacy, starting with the correct "lingo".

There are two kinds of nude beaches, which have two different names. On the first kind of nude beach, guests are actually obliged to de-clothe or face being thrown out as was the case with Sharon and Kelly Osborne, who were kicked off precisely such a beach in Majorca in 2007 for refusing to disrobe. This kind of beach is termed quite simply "nude beach".

The second kind allows guests the option to be either naked or clothed and the PC term for this kind of environment is "clothing-optional". This kind of beach would probably be more suited to the likes of Matthew McConaughey, the hunky actor who is an infamous naturist. Although he has yet to be spotted naked on a beach, he was arrested for playing the bongos in his backyard in all his naked glory. Apparently neighbours complained he made too much noise.

Those who enjoy the offerings of nude or clothing-optional beaches are referred to as either hedonists, naturists or nudists. However, you do not have to be any of the above to enjoy a skinny dip in your birthday suit. Sienna Miller and Britney Spears, who have been spotted on nude beaches the world over, serve as two fine samples of this fact as they certainly don't fit the naturist category, but clearly enjoy some tan-line free sun.

The next set of rules pertains to behaviour. Gawking, photography, filming and lewd behaviours are not tolerated and will result in the offender being asked to leave. Many nude beaches are also divided into different sections including family, singles, couples, and gay so before you imprint your posterior into the sand, do a bit of investigation to identify your naked preference.

The advantages of taking flights to destinations where you can get your kit off are plentiful and include lighter luggage so no excess baggage charges, no concerns over shopping for a new beach wardrobe - good money saved during the current credit crunch, smoother skin as sand is a natural exfoliant, and if you're in a couple stripping off is proven to heighten sensuality. There aren't many disadvantages to going nude, but watch out for getting sand up your bum as things could get itchy, and try to avoid all over sunburn, ouch.

Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for says, "Although I don't personally intend on swapping my bikini for my white bits anytime soon, I have encountered many a skinny dipper in my time and the most important piece of advice I've gleaned is that sunblock is essential, particularly for those with sensitive skin like myself. And if you've already burnt any areas where the sun doesn't normally shine, some effective natural remedies include milk compresses, refrigerated Aloe Vera gel, and/or bathing in lavender oil. Failing that, you could always reach for some anti-inflammatory tablets."

For those keen to experience nature in their natural state, some of the best nudist beaches include Playa El Mago in Majorca, Sweetwater in Crete, and Valalta in Croatia.

For a full list of where to express your naked ambitions, visit, but remember to keep a sense of decorum as you wouldn't want to be thrown out and be stripped of your dignity as well your clothing.


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