New Product: A Hearing Aid Accessory Designed To Help The Hard Of Hearing Eliminate Annoying: Sores, Squeals, Wind Noise and Discomfort

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Many who are hard of hearing wear hearing aid devices (instruments) that are unsatisfactory in several ways: (1) loose fitting, (2) make whistling noises, (3) pick up feedback, (4) have wind noise, (5) produce squeals, (6) cause sores, (7) generally uncomfortable and loose to wear. This new Weber Hearing Aid Liner is designed to overcome and eliminate these problems with a new accessory: a hearing aid liner that is easy to use, is low in cost and can be washed in water for re-use.

Terry Weber of Originals By Weber, announces immediate availability of their new product (invention): the Weber Hearing Aid Liner. This liner is designed to cover, surround and make more secure, hearing aid devices of all kinds and shapes.

Among the several benefits the liners provide for hearing aid wearers are: (1) more comfort; (2) a secure and better fit; the elimination of (3) soreness; (4) bothersome whistling; (5) wind noise as well as (6) the always-annoying feedback sounds. This is a new kind of hearing aid liner and It is an accessory to hearing aids with many valuable comfort producing benefits. It always stays soft and flexible which means it can be easily shaped and molded with the fingers for the most comfortable fit at all times.

In addition, this new accessory for hearing aids of all kinds can be re-used over and over again by simply rinsing it clean with ordinary tap water. After rinsing, the liner can be wiped dry with a towel or tissue and it is then ready to re-use immediately.

The always soft cushioning effect of the liners reduce abrasion of the tender skin of the ear that is often caused by the hard plastic of the shell of the hearing aid. Elimination of this common cause of soreness and discomfort is a major benefit of the Weber Hearing Aid Liners. In addition, the liners are designed to stop the annoying whistling sounds that can be annoying when heard by both the hearing aid wearer as well as others who are nearby. In short, the daily use of this new Weber Hearing Aid Liner takes the mess, bother and discomfort out of wearing a hearing aid.

When Weber was asked to explain the need for his new hearing aid liners he said:

" As a new wearer of an ordinary hearing aid, I was confronted with the many annoying side-effects of wearing this hearing device. That is when I decided there had to be a better way. So, because I have always been an inventor, after much research, and experimenting with several compounds, I devised this always soft, low cost, sound-reducing material (Noise reduction rating: 22 Decibels) to solve these hearing aid problems once and for all. Now, I must say: It really works!"

Weber Hearing Aid Liners are available in a package containing five Liners (Liners are discs approximately 2-inches in diameter by 1/8-inch thick). A package of five Weber Hearing Aid Liners (Model # WHA-908) is priced at: $12.95 per package (shipping is free). Trial orders are welcome. Satisfaction is guaranteed or money back.

To place an order or for more information, contact: Originals By Weber, 338 Alabama Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753. Toll Free phone: 877-309-8382.


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