Fastest Man on Water - A New World Record

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New world record! No person in history has traveled further on flat water under his own power in one day than Greg Kolodziejzyk. On September 9th, 2008 Greg pedaled his human powered boat 245.16 km (151.3 miles) around a circular lake course in Montana beating kayaker Carter Johnson's previous 24 hour distance record of 241.8 km (150.2 miles).

wide, weighs less than 20 lbs and displaces only 4

Canadian Greg Kolodziejzyk set a *world record by pedaling his human powered boat 245.16 km (151.3 miles) in 24 hours on Whitefish Lake, Montana. The record is unofficial pending IHPVA and Guinness World Records ratification.

A 5.79 km circular course was marked with buoys and surveyed on Whitefish Lake in Montana. Greg started pedaling his pedal and propeller powered boat Critical Power 2 at 9:30 am on Monday, September 8th, and made continual loops around the course stopping only once for 2 minutes to put on some warm clothes for the night. Greg received food and water from his support crew by a special telescopic rod so that he would not have to stop pedaling. At exactly 9:30 am on Tuesday morning as per the atomic clock that was used to time the event, Greg had finished 42 complete laps plus a partial lap equaling a total distance traveled of 245.16 km (151.3 miles) beating the old record of 241.8 km set by kayaker Carter Johnson in 2006 on a lake in California. Official observers from the international human powered vehicle association were stationed at key points along the course to verify that Greg stayed to the outside of the markers, and traveled the full distance measured. The record is unofficial until it is ratified by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association and Guinness World Records.

About Critical Power 2 human powered boat

Critical Power 2 is considered to be the most efficient self-powered boat on the planet (over long distances). It will maintain a speed of 10 km / hr with an easy to moderate cycling pace. CP2 is a carbon fiber trimaran that was designed by human powered boat expert Rick Willoughby from Brisbane, Australia, and built by Greg Kolodziejzyk. It's 24 foot long hull is only 9" wide, weighs less than 20 lbs and displaces only 4" of water. Greg is positioned in a recumbent seat mounted on the deck enabling a powerful pedalling position. The pedals turn a right angle gear box which spins a shaft leading to a propeller under the water. The main hull balances on the water by two small outrigger floats mounted to each side of the main hull. The entire boat weighs less than 40 lbs and it's top speed is 17 km / hr.

Greg's record is considered significant because it is the first time that a pedal powered boat has beaten a conventional kayak for distances of longer than a few kms.

24 hour human powered distance record history

Kayak 24 hour records:
Date     Rider                 Type     Distance
1986     Randy Fine              surfski     193 km
1991     Marinda Hartzenberg     canoe     220.5 km
2006     Brandon Nelson          kayak     235 km
2006     Carter Johnson         surfski     241.8 km

Pedal powered boat 24 hour records:
Date     Rider                  Type     Distance
2000     Kevin & Karin Hughes     Microcat     90.25 km
2000     John Howard              Pedalos     168.43 km
2005     Team of 3 riders         Trieste     176.8 km
2007     Greg Kolodziejzyk         WiTHiN     173.76 km
2008     Greg Kolodziejzyk         CP2     245.16 km

About Greg

Greg is the fastest man on earth with a world record set in 2006 on a race track in California for the most distance covered by human power in 24 hours on land. Greg powered his custom made carbon fiber bullet bike "Critical Power" 1046 km in just one day on a race track in Eureka California on July 19, 2006 breaking the existing world record by 26 km. Greg also holds a Guinness world record for the most distance travelled in 24 hours by pedal-powered boat which he accomplished in June, 2007 in Calgary. Greg is an endurance athlete who has finished dozens of marathons, 12 Ironman triathlons and qualified for Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Greg is well know by local Calgary elementary and junior high school students. Greg speaks at schools throughout Calgary about his accomplishments, achieving goals and the importance of staying fit and healthy to lead a happy and productive life. His program "KidPower" teaches kids that they can achieve their dreams with focused effort, hard work and discipline. Greg's goal is to eventually expand KidPower to a nation wide program. Greg wants to see our children become active again and is committed to doing his part to make that happen.

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