Aroma Cafe Reports Surge in Sales of Their "Coffee-Shop-in-a-Box" Since Fuel Costs Rose Dramatically Several Months Ago

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Aroma Cafe Reports Surge in sales of their "coffee-shop-in-a-box" since fuel costs rose dramatically several months ago. One way to balance your budget since the price of gas has skyrocketed? Break away from the corner barista and brew your own coffee at home!

Aroma Aroma Cafe Reports Surge in sales of their "coffee-shop-in-a-box" since fuel costs rose dramatically several months ago. When a gallon of gasoline costs more than your daily cappuccino, something's got to give. Since most people can't afford to quit their jobs to avoid commuting, in order to ease the pressure on their wallets, many have considered giving up their gourmet coffee fix instead.

After all, have gourmet coffee drinkers ever calculated how much money they spend weekly, monthly or even yearly on their coffee indulgences? Let's say that they spend $3 to buy a latte at their favorite local coffee shop (a conservative estimate indeed). Assuming that they don't buy a muffin and only drink one latte a day (never mind tipping), that translates into:

  • $3 a day
  • $90 per month
  • $1,080 per year

What if they buy two lattes a day? That's:

  • $6 per day
  • $180 per month
  • $2,160 per year

This is a lot of money that you could spend elsewhere…say, on gas! Or a nice tropical vacation.

So, what is the secret to saving tons of money in this tough economic climate while still enjoying gourmet java every day?

Gourmet coffee drinkers might want to start brewing their own upscale coffee drinks at home, using one of the new, advanced, user-friendly espresso machines on the market. Even after factoring in the initial startup investment, over a year they could save hundreds of dollars, not to mention the time spent standing in line every day at their favorite coffee shop.

For instance, online retailer Aroma Café Culture ( represents the popular Lavazza line of coffees, teas and accessories. They report that sales of their "coffee-shop-in-a-box" have increased since fuel costs rose dramatically several months ago.

At an average cost of 50 cents per cup, if coffee drinkers make 2 cups per day, that works out to only $360 per year.

Aroma Café claims that their two best-selling espresso products -- the Lavazza Espresso Point system and Lavazza BLUE Machine -- save purchasers thousands of dollars over the long run, without compromising on the quality or taste of the gourmet coffee that they have become accustomed to from barista-made drinks.

Indeed, these new-generation, high-quality machines are very easy to use, with pre-ground, -measured and -tamped "capsules" that take away all the guesswork. Such technology simplifies the brewing process and produces consistent espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, American-style coffees and even a variety of teas. Some features even allows for the adjustment of the cup size, infusion time and temperature, and even gives the option to save each family member's settings.

So, the next time gourmet coffee dinkers are in a financial quandary with the fuel pump in one hand, their daily grande double mocha in the other and a frighteningly thin wallet in their pocketbook, they should consider the alternative. They don't have to give up the gourmet coffee they love so much…they can keep it alive by brewing at home instead!


Aroma Café Culture, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA, is an authorized U.S. distributor of Lavazza: Italy's Favorite Coffee (Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.). Lavazza is the largest family-owned roaster in the world, with a state-of-the-art roasting facility in Turin.


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