New Hard Drive Destruction Machine For Computer Systems Security Crushes Identity Theft...Literally

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For businesses looking to prevent identity theft and comply with federal data security laws about protecting customer privacy such as HIPAA and FACTA, a new machine is available that will physically crush threats to data privacy. The Guardian hard drive destroyer, now available from (a website which has short demonstration videos of this machine for those interested), is a portable hard drive destroyer weighing just 140 lbs which plugs into a standard 120v, 3 prong grounded outlet and can be located in the IT department of any business or organization.

A new website, is now offering a portable hard drive destroyer which IT departments in small businesses, large businesses banks and hospitals can use to destroy old hard drives in under 30 seconds flat. This machine plugs into a standard 120v outlet and doesn't require any special training to use.

"It is just absurd, that some very large and well known companies these days still ship their hard drives off for destruction, rather than doing it first hand" says Glen Johnson, a publicist for the site. 

"I have friends and family who work for very, very well known companies who have told me they gather and send their old hard drives off to a company that does it off-site, independently. What we think, is that something as important as disposing properly of old hard drives is not something you want to outsource to India...Penalties for not destroying electronic data can be huge (for example, in some states, up to $100/record compromised). Our hard drive destruction machines are so affordable, it is really a no-brainer to invest in one."

As most people know, hard drives typically contain tons private information gathered over years of cards, private emails, pictures, customer info and more.

More and more people are understanding that when getting rid of an old computer, it is smart to take out the hard drive and make sure it is totally smashed. Yet, oddly enough, most computer and electronics recycling stores don't really offer a service like this, so many people end up giving their old computer to charities with their hard drive intact...which is not very smart.

"Our goal is to offer a hard drive destroyer machine that makes hard drive destruction simple and commonplace...With over one billion personal computers in use worldwide, we are hoping to create new recycling business opportunities with this machine. We are also hoping that existing companies which deal with document management or electronics recycling will view the video of our machine and use this machine to expand their business" says Johnson.

With The Guardian Hard Drive Destroyer, now businesses of all sizes who use multiple computers can have this machine on hand. It requires no training to operate, is foolproof and makes all data on the hard drive absolutely unusable. Also, it produces better results than other methods of erasing hard drives like 'degaussing' because you can tell for sure just by looking at it that the drive is destroyed.

For companies that only use a limited number of computers and might find purchasing this machine out of budget, Johnson suggests using a professional mobile hard drive destruction service which comes to your facility, completes the job in front of a designated employee, and issues a certificate of destruction containing the hard drives' serial numbers.

"While we made our machines to be affordable, some small companies may prefer to hire a professional who owns one of these machines to stop by and do the job for them...For these people, we suggest visiting The Document Shredding directory at, which lists data security and document management services providers in every state. However, not all companies offer hard drive destruction, so be sure to ask before hiring a mobile document shredding service provider. Cost should probably range between $5 and $25 per hard drive destroyed. If they don't offer it, we suggest you should act a little disappointed and then tell them about us".

See a video of this machine destroying a hard drive, get a quote, order one of these machines, protect your company from liability and keep your clients data safe from ID theft.

Visit for details.

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