Nutraceutical Company Warns Consumers of False Advertising

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Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC. (, a leading formulator and distributor of exclusive, physician-developed anti-aging products, is taking a stand on false advertising and misleading claims.

Buyer beware! One leading nutraceutical company is urging consumers to be careful. Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC. (, a leading formulator and distributor of exclusive, physician-developed anti-aging products, is taking a stand on false advertising and misleading claims.

"If you were to go according to what some of the nutraceutical / supplement companies are saying, everyone should be in perfect health, have beautiful toned bodies and there would be no disease in the world and people would be regularly living to 120 years of age," says James DiGeorgia, president of Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC. "If a claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

The ads are hard to miss; promises of losing a significant amount of weight in two weeks, to being able to shield against and cure Cancer, Diabetes and even reverse the effects of a heart attack. Some of the advertising claims "Independent Studies" as a reason for buying their products, without disclosing the company itself financed the studies, and tested only their product, and in some cases arguably weighted the studies purely to support their sales claims.

DiGeorgia says consumers need to use common sense when purchasing natural health supplements and not fall victim to sneaky advertising and deceptive marketing.

Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC., a distributor of the popular red wine extract Revatrol, (, has witnessed first-hand just how far some companies will go.

The red wine extract market is red hot in the wake of several animal studies conducted at Harvard University, University of Connecticut, John Hopkins and several other top University and Medical Schools. Unfortunately, some companies are using false advertising and misrepresentations to sell their products. For example, one company pictures a married couple on their mail envelopes in their 70's or 80's, toasting their 125th birthdays. There is also the promise of "120 years...the promise of a new discovery". This kind of advertising is bad enough, but competitors are now taking swings at each other's products with vicious attacks asserting their competitors products could be "potentially dangerous," which amounts to an absurd stretch when one stops and compares the formulations. All this marketing leaves potential natural health supplement buyers completely confused.

"We have one competitor we believe has absolutely no regard for the truth. In the past, this competitor has made claims about their product, delivery system and function they have had to admit were later false. Despite having to admit their representations about their product having not been scientifically accurate, this one competitor has just moved on with a new advertising approach that once again distorts, exaggerates or just outright misrepresents their product and ours to the public." says DiGeorgia.

DiGeorgia urges consumers to do their own research when choosing a red wine extract or other supplements, and to always consult your doctor. He finds that his customer's physicians are often the best advocates for Revatrol ( The red wine formulation is intelligently formulated and has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. With 100MG of Trans-Resveratrol, 100MG Alpha Lipoic Acid, 100MG Acetyl L- Carnitine and 100MG Quercetin plus 100MG of a Proprietary Whole Red Win Grap Complex which includes red grape skin (37% Polypenois), grape seed (95% Polypenois) and grape leaf extract (50% total Polypenois) and contains Oligometric Proanthocyandins 95%.

About Renaissance Health Publishing
Renaissance Health Publishing LLC, strives to be the premier, ethical marketers and manufacturers of physician developed anti-aging products. All of its unique products contain the highest quality and concentration of powerful ultra-antioxidants, designed to help turn back the hands of time - safely and naturally. Renaissance Health uses only the finest quality ingredients available and all of its products are prepared under exacting laboratory standards. It does not perform any animal testing. Manufactured in the U.S. following strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) guidelines, it uses advanced manufacturing and packaging systems to ensure the highest quality products possible.


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