Cruise Line Recruiter Reveals Hiring Secret: Erling Frydenberg, Cruise Division President of Executive Search International's thoughts about the future:

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The only way to successful execute strategy is through people. As a boutique search firm, Executive Search International offers highly customized search solutions that are tailored to diverse and global environments. What differentiates Executive Search International is its personalized service and extensive background with international business that have achieved lasting success.

"The future is a subject which is very high on many individuals' minds. It looms like an awesome sheer stone mountain face for those who are uncomfortable with change. It stands impenetrable as a dens winter fog before those who ignore change. It can be as mind-numbing as straight highway with the road markings converging in the distance for those preoccupied with it. Yet, those who embrace it and flourish will the future in incredible rich and challenging space to occupy. Those who continue to adapt to the ever increasing pace of change will find the future an incredible exciting place to be." (Chris Luebkeman, Director for Global Foresight and Innovation at Ove Arup & Partners)

Over Arup & Partners Director of Global Foresight and Innovation is the author of a context that has helped frame a thinking called the 3Ns, the Now, the New and the Next. The Now encompasses those issues techniques, and technologies which enable and/or inform our projects today. The New are those issues, techniques and technologies which are about three to five years away (approximately the length of a large building project). The Next is that which is, or will be, found ten or more years into the future that can be culled into coherent vision.

"...There is a Guest at the center of all the activities. (...) What technologies can be implemented, are emerging or would be wonderful to have that could enhance their lives? What processes need to be changed..."

The only way to successful execute strategy is through people.

Erling knows full well from having worked for 29 years in the cruise line industry how important it is to find the right fit in such a competitive industry, and that there will always be a scarce amount of high performers. As the hospitality sector continues to grow, that pool of performers will become even more scarce. Our firm's core competency is to develop and recruit these achievers, and to place them within our clients' organizations.

One of ESI's clients, Raymond Bickson, CEO for Taj Hotel Company, recently said, "Executive Search International has been an invaluable extension of our human resources effort and played a major role in sourcing the key members of the opening management team at The Mark…We would be remiss if we did not mention the professional standards, in-depth due diligence and human approach the ESI team always makes in trying to find the perfect match to find the right hoteliers to meet our specific needs."

Executive Search International is a worldwide search and recruitment firm that has served the hospitality industry for over 30 years. It is recognized by the global hotel industry as the 'state of the art' search company because of the organization, structure and process it goes through to identify the right talent for its clients.

Erling Frydenberg is the President of the Cruise Division of Executive Search International. Executive Search International's website, provides further information about the company, and interested parties can contact Erling directly either on telephone number 407 926 6030 or efrydenberg @


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