Mystical Stones Hold Ancient Secret and Hinder Modern Day Peace

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The Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 73 A.D. may not have happened as believed. Professor Aaron Skorsky, in an attempt to find the ancient Masada Stones, rumored to have been involved in Jerusalem's destruction, also discovers ancient documents that reveal new truths about the past that could inspire terrorist activity in the present.

Ancient history comes alive when the mythical Masada stones are proven to be real. Soon terrorists try to use them in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine in E.W. Bonadio's "The Masada Stones: A Novel" (ISBN 059527566, iUniverse 2008).

Professor Aaron Skorsky has spent his life searching for the truth. Since college, he has been intrigued by the myth of the Masada stones and how they were used during the last days of the Hebrews' rebellion against the Romans. When Skorsky leads a student dig to Masada, he desperately searches for the stones near the excavations of a Roman camp. With the help of a student, Illona, he discovers a set of scrolls written by Jewish historian Josephus Flavius. Once translated, the scrolls reveal the secret existence of a deadly alchemy used against the Hebrew zealots. The myth of the Masada stones and their power are myth no more!

Skorsky soon learns he has enemies who want to use the stones for their own purposes. His adversary is part of the Israeli army reserves and soon gets the attention of the Israeli secret service. The Israeli government wants the stones found and tested, and then used in clandestine operations against Palestinian terrorists. But what they don't know is that the Palestinian terrorists have also learned about the stones. In the midst of this conflict Illona's wealthy mother is kidnapped, and to save her, Skorsky agrees to hold a news conference denouncing his theory of the Masada Stones.

But then Skorsky learns his enemies wish to use the stones for terrorist activities. Before the adventure is over, Skorsky will be shot, Lorna and Skorsky will profess their love, and a show down with terrorists will ensue.

The ancient past comes alive in this ingeniously plotted modern story that gives readers a fresh perspective on how Middle East politics are tied to history. Intrigue, deception, terrorism, and hope all come into play as Professor Skorsky follows his lifelong quest to find the Masada Stones, never dreaming they will be used for evil purposes. "The Masada Stones" turns a quest for truth into a romantic and dangerous adventure readers will never forget.

About the Author
E.W. Bonadio grew up in an inner city working class neighborhood near Baltimore's inner harbor; these experiences served as the impetus for Bonadio's humorous memoir, "New-Age Renaissance Man." Bonadio picked up the author's pen late in life when in 2000, he wrote his first novel, a supernatural police thriller titled "Voices." He is now the author of four published books as well as short stories, poems, and essays. His children's book, "Marin and the Dragon's Golden Treasure," tells the story of a boy who must make a fair trade with a dragon to save his village from destruction. E.W. Bonadio lives in Arizona with his wife; they have two grown children. He presently serves as director and COO for a privately held national contract engineering services organization.

"The Masada Stones: A Novel" (ISBN 059527566, iUniverse 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: . Review copies available upon request.


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