Angry Urban Advocate and Financial Expert Compares Home Loan Bank Executives to Drug Dealers

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An urban advocate and minority educator in the real estate industry responds with anger to President Bush's proposed $700 billion bailout plan. This California expert compares the Wall Street bankers to drug lords and recommends that they be allowed to pay the price for their misdeeds. Listeners to this entreprenuer's radio show have responded with outrage that the President's plan helps investors, but not the average homeowner.

Minority advocate, real estate educator and radio talk show host Butch Grimes appeared on Fox news this past Wednesday to share his listeners' responses to the current state of the real estate and financial industry. While Grimes' statements that listeners are confused and scared is no surprise, his off camera comments comparing bank executives to drug dealers have garnered passionate responses from both his radio show listeners and many in the financial and real estate industries.

In response to President Bush's $700 billion bailout plan for the failing banking sector Grimes said, "A plan to again help the banks and not meet any of the real needs of the homeowner or borrower. I think it's a joke! Why can't the government be honest with us and call a spade a spade. I'm sorry I meant a recession!"

Continuing in the no-holds-barred style of speech that has made him both a popular radio host and public speaker Grimes continued, "Executives of these failing banks need to be stripped of their retirement, salary, stocks and assets. Why shouldn't they feel like the folks they took advantage of? They have committed a crime! If they were big time drug dealers, the system would strip them down to nothing. Let's cut the lavish lifestyles of these criminals, and let them pay the price for their misdeeds. Why are tax payers picking up the tab for these crimes? These people are no better than drug czars!"

President Bush's recent proposal to fund a bailout of Wall Street with taxpayer funds has many in the country up in arms. Callers to Grimes' popular WeTalkRadio247 show are largely an urban and minority audience seeking advice on things like first time home buying, foreclosure avoidance and real estate investments. Like many throughout the country, and congress, they are angry. "My callers want to know why a bank executive is getting relief, but a homeowner facing foreclosure is not. It's crazy and someone needs to say so."

In addition to minority advocacy, Grimes tours the country with state and private organizations offering advice to industry professionals on how to survive, and even thrive, in a down economy. Yes, he'll even call it a recession. Grimes is an advocate of using Internet tools as a form of education and communication. He currently offers blogs, weekly podcasts shows and educational materials at and

While Grimes agrees that a down economy can be a good time to buy, he warns potential buyers that getting into a home right now involves more than just a down payment. On the Fox TV broadcast he said that we are in a "credit crunch" that has made criteria and documentation more stringent, that banks want to see cash reserves, and that they want buyers to "put more skin in the game." The vocal entrepreneur has acknowledged that homebuyers also have an ownership role and responsibility for understanding their loans, but he's adamant that the solution requires education and co-operative that the current administration does not seem willing to provide.

"We need to offer help and education to homeowners and potential homeowners," Grimes emphatically stated. "The president's plan does NOT do this! It only offers help to the criminals, the dealers, who got us into this mess to begin with. Let's find a way to help the homeowner, the person who is working hard on a daily basis to put a roof over their kids' heads."

For additional information on Grimes' educational resources, tours or radio show please contact 1-323-750-3690 Ext.236 or This site offers blogs, podcasts and information for both home owners and real estate professionals as a part of an overall mission to educate and inform.


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