Trucker Converts His Semi-Truck to a Hybrid for Less than $300 - Saves 20-25% on Fuel

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Owners/Operators in the Trucking Industry hard-hit with risings fuel costs are looking for a way out. Carter Blankenship III, using the technology of Water4Gas saved his trucking business by installing a self-built Water4Gas Kit under the hood of his 1999 Kenworth Diesel. The results speak for themselves: an increase of 20% -25% in MPG, greater horsepower and cleaner emissions. All from instructions Blankenship downloaded from the web at

which separates the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water and forms a gas called

The technology of converting water into hydrogen fuel (known as "Brown's Gas" or "HHO Gas") has existed for over 90 years. The new news is that Water4Gas Founder, Ozzie Freedom, has simplified the technology and modified it for vehicles. He compiled the data into DIY books, making it available for the first time for anyone to use on any type of road-faring vehicle (including boats). Freedom's mission: To put the technology of "Free Fuel" into the hands of the everyday consumer whose lifestyle and happiness need not be adversely affected by the high cost of fuel and dependence on foreign oil".
Workbooks available at .

As covered in the DIY books: "Water4Gas technology of 'Hydrogen on Demand' is fairly simple. Take a container of distilled water (H2O), add a small amount of baking soda and run 12 volts of electricity through it from the vehicle's battery by turning on the ignition. This starts up a process called "Electrolysis" which separates the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water and forms a gas called "HHO" (Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen). The hydrogen gas gets sucked into the Vacuum Air Intake System of the engine where it combines with the gasoline (or diesel) and produces a super level of combustion… three times more powerful than gas or diesel alone, thus requiring a lot less fuel.

"The Water4Gas system is a powerful small Hydrogen Fuel Cell harnessing the power of Hydrogen -- the fuel used to send rockets into outer space. Hydrogen in water is of course perfectly stable, therefore safe, unlike pure hydrogen-run vehicles with their highly pressurized hydrogen tanks. The hydrogen made by turning on the ignition is immediately used, thus the term 'hydrogen on demand'.

"The small amount of water vapor running through the engine keeps the engine cooler and cleaner by removing carbon deposits. Far cleaner emissions coming from the tailpipe is another advantage in using hydrogen.

"The sum total of maintenance involved is a periodic refill of the water containers. The installation of the system doesn't affect the warranty and can be removed in a matter of minutes. Water refill required after about every 200-300 miles.
Per Freedom, "Anyone can turn their own vehicle into a Water-Hybrid by following the instructions on how to build the system themselves with parts from local stores. All for less than $300 - and even less for a car. The DIY workbooks list out every single part, part numbers, and where to buy them along with detailed photos and step-by-step instructions.

If building a kit is not your style you can simply contact any one of the many companies who manufactures the kits, located by downloading the workbooks, and go to the Free Marketplace. Some companies also install systems as well.

Over the last few years, thousands of Water4Gas systems have been successfully installed in numerous types of vehicles - from small four-cylinder engines to powerful big-rigs semi-trucks, buses and RVs.

This is what Blankenship had to say:

"I'm an owner-operator in the trucking industry and have been since 1991 when I bought my 1st truck, of course fuel was only 95 cents per gallon max and I would get upset anytime that I had to pay more than that. Who would have ever thought of $4 dollars + a gallon. But it has come and is here to stay!! I've been searching for a solution for years.


" My truck that I currently drive is a 1999 Kenworth T-2000 with a Series 60 Detroit Diesel with 1,026,578 miles on it today and it is running better than ever with the "Six-pack system". I have more pulling power, take-off torque, a smoother & quieter motor, and most important a 20% to 25% increase in fuel mileage (5.5 - 6 mpg to 7 - 7.5 mpg) and not to mention a much cleaner exhaust which will benefit all mankind especially future generations to come!

"The six-pack can be assembled & operating in 1-2 days or a weekend easily or installed if purchased already assembled in a few hours or less. All with basic hand tools and parts that are easy to purchase at the local auto parts store or grocery store.

" I highly recommend the six-pack to anybody wanting to increase fuel mileage, improve power, have a smoother & quieter engine, keep the environment cleaner and boost an old idea into the future with benefits all can enjoy!

" After 17 years on the road and 3 million miles driven in a semi-truck, I only wish I had the six-pack system that first day in January 1991 when my trucking career began. I could have saved enough money to have owned a Lear Jet by now!
"Thank You Very Much for your product, time, research, and support; you guys are true pioneers.

Best Regards,


Water4Gas has become a grass-roots movement spreading across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, with more countries opening up as the word of this money-saving and eco-friendly system travels from one driver to the other allowing people to overcome the high fuel prices.

Could it be there finally is an easy solution for those who have been hard-hit by rising fuel prices?

For more info visit where Freedom also provides free lessons on how his system works. Workbooks can be purchased at a small cost especially compared to how much can be saved. The 7 lessons are free.

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