Reach for the Moon and One Special Star, Advises Dr. Toy With This Years Top 10 Pick: Nana Star & the Moonman

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Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, aka Dr. Toy, names Nana Star & the Moonman a Top 10 Best Language/Learning/Math & Reading Readiness product as part of the 2008 Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products list.

A kiss good night, a drink of water and a story is a must for many children at bedtime. Dr. Toy, the Ph.D. expert in all things good for childhood, taps Nana Star and the Moonman for one of the best stories to lull those sweet dreams. She's named the ee publishing & productions' book with its audio CD and accompanying Moonman plush toy as a Top 10 Best Language/Learning/Math & Reading Readiness product, part of the 2008 Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products list.

"Back to school is a good time to take stock," suggests Dr. Toy, aka Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. and author of Dr. Toy's Smart Play-Smart Toys, "do an inventory of what your child is playing with, what is not used and what they need next in their development. Our list offers excellent ideas for choosing new products for after school play and the holidays ahead."

Nana Star & The Moonman ($15.95) and Moonman Lovey Plushie ($19.99) is the second storybook in a series of comforting messages about friendship and faith. The sweet story is geared particularly for young readers who may not like the dark or are feeling lonely. The enclosed bonus audio CD includes The Moonman Song performed by Chloe Dolandis. A huggable Moonman Lovey, a soft character doll whose head glows like the light of the moon, softly plays bedtime or naptime music.

Each story offers children the opportunity to become a member of Nana Star's Little Twinkles Club when they find the spelling mistake purposely hidden in the text.

Sisters Elizabeth Sills and Elena Patrice co-founded ee publishing & productions as the "laugh-friendly company" to reflect their philosophy of business and life. "We have been shushed our entire lives and wanted a place where we could be free to laugh out loud if we wanted," said Elizabeth. The pair said they want to be able to laugh at both the bad and the good as it comes along.

They believe that the simple stories of Nana Star and her friends will be a success in today's society where it is hard for children to find appropriate role models. "Marketing is very commercialized," said Patrice, "and children are introduced to characters who are very mature." The goal of ee publishing is to help families recapture calmer times in a hectic world.

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