"Help! I'm Stuck With Business Writing Tasks And I Can't Spell Dieabotticle!"

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A new booklet by a corporate freelance writer reveals to non-writers the secrets of writing powerful business marketing communications.

Anyone can write. Yeah, right.

We've all been writing since we were in the third grade. So when a brochure needs to be written or a website updated or a newsletter put together, anyone can do it. My third grade teacher, Miss Barkatus, would have put a clothes pin over my lips for saying such an awful thing.

In the pursuit of corporate efficiency and cost-cutting, many non-writers in the business world now have writing responsibilities. They are programmers, but they also write web content. They are marketers, but they also must write sales promotions.

They are independent business owners, but they also must write their own website content. They are corporate graphic designers, but they also write items for the employee newsletter. This philosophy is like saying, "Hey, Chris has three cats at home so he'll know how to handle this other animal, this bear, that's dining at our dumpster."

Asking non-writers to write business communications is a great way to fog up the corporate message. This is why many sales brochures gather more dust than they gather prospects. This is why businesses send out a message and when they follow up with a visit, the customer says, "What message?" And this is why I have published "Leave It To The Prose," a collection of 24 short essays on how to write business communications that will be clear, focused and achieve their intended result.

In this 32-page mini-book, you'll find insights and truths; techniques and strategies that will better enable any business to attract its target audience. These 6-10 sentence essays cover a wide span of marketing, communication, business and writing topics:

  •     Seducing People To Read
  •     Strategy Beats Writing
  •     Diaries and Dictionaries: Our Best Writing
  •     Don't Write Like Shakespeare
  •     How Do You Become Worthy?
  •     The Instant Headline Test
  •     Never Write To Your Target
  •     When Pain Produces

"Words are a business's clothes. Don't go out to your prospects naked," the book's author, Chris Amorosino says. "We don't leave home without combing our hair and brushing our teeth. Our business communications shouldn't leave our office unless they create a great first impression, too."

"Leave It To the Prose" is available through http://www.amorosinowriting.com for $6.95. Or order through BHB Mailing Service; P.O. Box 307; Coventry, CT 06238.


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