Dio's Craig Goldy Launches 'Destiny Bridge' Program Video Campaign to Worldwide Audience

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"Destiny Bridge" Program Infomercial now available for viewing online to help unsigned talent learn the tools and contacts to land a recording contract!

"So you want to be a Rock Star?"

Craig Goldy has long been looked upon in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal world as one of the most well respected guitarists ever to grace the stage.

Probably best known for being the lead guitarist in the multi platinum selling group DIO, Goldy has put in well over 20 years in the recording and music industry.

He is also a talented songwriter, writing a major part of the music with Ronnie James Dio for his band. Goldy first surfaced in the '80s in a band called Rough Cutt and moved onto hold down Lead Guitarist duties in the hit making Giuffria ("Call to the heart", which peaked at #26 on the Billboard chart in 1984). Goldy has also written songs with Warner Bros. and David Lee Roth.

Goldy has amassed an incredible knowledge of the inner workings of the record industry, from how to write hit songs, to creating hit bands and how to bypass the major traps and pitfalls that musicians fall into "trying" to make it big in the music industry. He has gathered all of this information into a program called "DESTINY BRIDGE" and is making it available to the public at http://www.craiggoldy.com

The program starts with a book that Goldy has written that covers the inner workings of the music industry, teaching the reader in a short read all of the steps it takes to succeed in an industry where the odds of making it are incredibly stacked against unsigned talent. The crux of the book is the 12 point system that all hit bands with longevity in the industry share and has in common. When a musician or band utilizes these 12 points in their songwriting and in their demo package, the odds of actually making it big and landing a record contract are now stacked in their favor. It is not as Goldy often puts it, a formula, but more a recipe. Craig took 2 years of his life to analyze what major recording acts do to maintain their longevity regardless of all fads and changing times. This is powerful information that 99 percent of those in the industry do NOT want to share. Goldy has put and end to that with Destiny Bridge.

The Destiny Bridge program offers unsigned talent the opportunity to learn exactly what goes into writing a hit song and making a hit band, and then how to produce a demo that Goldy then himself delivers into the hands of some of the record industries top executives. Covering everyone from Management, Attorneys, Major and Independent record company executives with signing power to music publishing and record producers, Goldy performs a hand holding unheard of in the business heretofore. For those musicians and bands that want to bypass the record company process all together, Goldy also offers ways to market acts on the internet with a network of high profile marketing specialists who have worked with such influential giants as Donald Trump, Tony Robbins and Fender to name but a few.

There is now a video infomercial that explains exactly what the program can do and the different levels involved within it. With Goldy explaining each step and phase of the program along the way, with guest interviews with such industry giants as Rudy Sarzo to new found talent such as Veronica Freeman, Lead Vocalist and Pete Wells, guitarist of the band Benedictum a Destiny Bridge graduate band that worked Goldy's program and successfully landed a record deal and are now enjoying success and touring the world. They are now just releasing their second effort "Seasons of Tragedy" which was produced by one of the programs affiliate producers, Jeff Pilson of Dokken fame. Robbie "Razor" Robfogel of the band Metal Knights is interviewed as well, since his band is now working the program in earnest and with their first effort, a song that Goldy helped co write "Miracle in Disguise" now starting to gather major internet radio airplay and having a number one requested song on a major internet radio station with a worldwide audience. The band is working on their demo package to submit through the DESTINY BRIDGE program in hopes of landing a recording deal.

To view the new infomercial you can visit http://www.craiggoldy.com or by visiting Goldy's MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/craiggoldy

The Destiny Bridge program has different levels. Step one is getting the book and reading it. After that, there are differing levels of help available that include Goldy actually working one on one with artists to help write and produce their demo packages. There is even direct e-mail and phone access to Craig available as well.

In a time where the record industry is changing due to the digital realm, which in turn is making it harder and harder for unsigned talent to get an established record contract, Destiny Bridge offers a resource unheard of before, and one that gets results.

Craig Goldy has also recently been placed on the Grammy committee that screens, elects and votes on Grammy nominees to become winners. This now brings the possibility into light of an artist actually going from obscurity to winning a Grammy! The hope is to have a Destiny Bridge artist(s), utilize the information to such an extent that they write hit music, land a record deal and become such a hit that they win a Grammy. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of record deals that are going to be signed this year, will one of them be yours?

The ball is now in your court! Cross over the bridge to your own destiny, and check out Destiny Bridge at http://www.craiggoldy.com today.

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