Intelligent Patent Portfolio Management Software Helps Patent Owners Counter Economic Downturns

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Portfolio DSS™ by PatentCafe computes measurable quality indicators of intangible assets

As uncertainty clouds the fate and impact of the $700B US economy bailout, PatentCafe, the world leader in artificial intelligence-based patent research and portfolio management solutions, today rolled out Portfolio DSS™ release 3.0.1 patent asset management software (

What's not uncertain is that multinational company CXOs now find themselves under the microscope by those who would demand higher, more transparent performance and accountability; tighter Sarbanes Oxley compliance, fidgety government regulators, and most importantly, their stakeholders.

PatentCafe's Portfolio DSS™ is the first enterprise Decision Support System that integrates artificial intelligence, patent metrics modeling, and more than 15 million international patents to compute a proprietary set of patent data to evaluate the commercial and legal quality of a company's patent assets.

The data, not available directly from any patent documents, is the only enterprise solution that allows intellectual property managers and chief corporate patent counsel to measure and manage the quality value of intangible corporate patent assets. With Portfolio DSS, corporations can model large patent portfolios on demand, quickly identifying specific patents that could be used to increase licensing revenue, or to cut operating costs by identifying poor quality patents to abandon or divest.

PatentCafe's new strategic patent management software empowers patent portfolio custodians with forecasting and modeling tools in much the same way as financial forecasting tools used have empowered CFOs for decades.

Corporate shareholders, some who have already lost fortunes with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae, and a host of other business failures, will now begin to hold CXOs accountable for more aggressive corporate asset management.

During the September meeting of Pittsburgh-based Intangible Asset Finance Society, Marc Lucier, director, Deutsche Bank (DB) said, "Rather than ignore unpleasant realities, companies need to implement systems that prevent recurrences and position themselves for future success. Paying attention to non-balance sheet assets is a step in that direction."

In the best-selling intellectual property management book "Rembrandts in The Attic", authors Kevin Rivette and David Kline popularized the notion that unused patents lying dormant in the "attics" of corporate America could be harvested as new sources of corporate licensing revenue. Rivette's software company, Aurigin Systems, sold an early generation patent analysis tool "Aureka" (now supported by Thomson Reuters) into the Fortune 500.

Andy Gibbs, PatentCafe CEO, notes, "in the decade since 'Rembrandts' we've watched the global collapse of "tangible asset" markets, as well as many technological advances to manage intangible assets. With conviction, I am proud to say that PatentCafe's new Portfolio DSS solution is the first tangible step in moving patents to a manageable asset class."

Portfolio DSS™ computes patent quality based on the proven metrics and peer-accepted methods of more than a dozen recognized global economists and scientists including Lanjow & Schankerman, Criscuolo, Jaffe, Trajtenberg, Reitzig and others.

Generating nearly 3,000 patent evaluation data points for each and every portfolio patent, Portfolio DSS creates 30 measurable indicators of the quality of every patent. The metrics-weighted system gives IP managers automated, on-demand modeling of portfolios containing 20,000 or more patents, delivering high resolution analysis for identifying specific patents in support of a variety of management objectives.

For instance, by identifying the 5% lowest quality patents, those with little statistical probability of surviving an invalidity challenge, a corporate patent owner can immediately cut future maintenance fee budgets by $5-7 million or more. This process is nearly impossible using any manual patent evaluation processes.

Portfolio DSS™, which provides IP managers with eight preset models for analyzing large portfolios, is the most recent upgrade to PatentCafe's Portfolio-Xpert, first introduced in 2005, and remains the only enterprise solution for strategic patent portfolio management.


PatentCafe is a global provider of artificial intelligence based patent portfolio management software solutions for international patent data search, strategic portfolio management, work flow, patent competitive intelligence, and statistical patent quality analytics.

The company's enterprise-level solutions incorporate the intellectual property industry's most advanced linguistics search technology that helps customers maximize patent quality and licensing revenue optimization, achieve superior patent-based business intelligence, and more efficiently meet corporate governance compliance.
Its solutions are used by the Fortune 500 legal departments, patent portfolio executives, multi-national patent firms, Big 4 consulting firms, technology investors, and risk analysts.

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