New Book Places National Security in the Hands of Moms

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'NATIONAL SECURITY MOM: WHY "GOING SOFT" WILL MAKE AMERICA STRONG' written by Gina M. Bennett, a mom of five and Senior Counterterrorism Analyst for the US Intelligence Community, to be released November 1, 2008.

In the wake of the war on terrorism, today's parents are constantly bombarded with news of the latest threats and messages of fear. How do we achieve national security or even protect our children when we feel so insecure? 'NATIONAL SECURITY MOM', a new book by a 20-year veteran of the intelligence community and mother of five, Gina M. Bennett, answers this burning question through an insider perspective on national security and a unique "soft" approach to achieving it.

'NATIONAL SECURITY MOM' de-mystifies the underworld of terrorism and examines how many of the age-old, practical lessons we teach our children such as "clean up your mess," "tell the truth" and "don't give in to a bully," apply to the covert intelligence approach to national security. Through these comparisons, Bennett empowers parents to engage with confidence in the national security debate and reinforces the fact--true and lasting security is a nationwide effort that begins at home.

Advance Reviews:
Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst and author of 'THE OSAMA BIN LADEN I KNOW' reviews: "Gina Bennett has been one of the most perceptive and influential forces in understanding transnational terrorism and prioritizing the challenges policy makers need to address. 'NATIONAL SECURITY MOM' is perhaps her most important work to date as it opens the door for all Americans to participate in securing our nation in a more meaningful way."

Richard H. Kohn, Professor of History and Peace, War, and Defense, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Former Chief of Air Force History states in the foreword: "Bennett writes with the clear, cold eyes, the rigorous and precise analytical thinking, the deep experience, and the breadth of perspective of the best in our intelligence community…and as the successful mother of five children. This is a book every citizen should read, and every government official ponder, particularly judges, who in the end are responsible for preserving the integrity of the Constitution when the rest of the govern-ment gives in to fear, or the public's anger or panic." reviews: "Bennett makes the case that being soft, listening carefully, and talking about root issues isn't being soft, but being safe and smart. These motherly or feminine qualities are also why she wants to see more women and especially mothers engage in politics, even if it is just us engaging in political discussion. She makes a firm feminist argument without using feminist terminology that women can be strong on security issues without playing like the men. Even more so, that our feminine methods of communication without the swagger of cowboys just might be the medicine this world needs."

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine reviews: "It's no secret Americans are a little worried about national safety these days, particularly economic safety. These past few years, and more recently with the housing market slump, foreclosures, and government bail outs of iconic and traditionally "secure" insurance firms, and current Wall Street and stock exchange disasters, the safety net is starting to tear. We all want security for our families, for them to be safe. Ultimately, 'NATIONAL SECURITY MOM' isn't really about national security and terrorism. It's really more about how the security of our families and homes can shape our nation."

About the Author:
A Senior Counterterrorism Analyst, Ms. Bennett has authored some of the earliest warnings of today's terrorism trends including the 1993 report that warned of the growing danger of Osama Bin Laden and the extremist movement he was fomenting. Her analysis has been called "prescient," "genius" and "prophetic" by major media and former government officials who recognize the insightfulness of her work nearly a decade later. While serving as the Senior Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Transnational Threats she was the principal author of the hotly debated 2006 National Intelligence Estimate 'Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the U.S.'

Ms. Bennett is equally comfortable making copies of 'Yam Jam' at the elementary school as briefing the President on terrorism trends, and can often be seen doing both on the same day. Bennett says, "For much of my career, I mistakenly led two separate lives--terrorism analyst by day and mom by night. But over the years I realized that everything I ever needed to know about securing our nation I learned as a child and practiced in parenting my own children. By sharing this knowledge and my experience, I hope all mothers will take up the mantle of national security mom in their own communities."

'NATIONAL SECURITY MOM: WHY "GOING SOFT" WILL MAKE AMERICA STRONG' (Wyatt-MacKenzie, Nov. 2008, ISBN 978-1-932279-72-6, Hardcover 180 pp., $24.00) is available from all retail booksellers. Visit for community outreach programs using accompanying poster "Everything We Need To Know About National Security We Can Learn From Our Kids" for elementary school students, teachers and libraries. Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc., in Deadwood, Oregon, celebrates ten years as the leading independent publisher of mom writers. Visit for more information.

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