Former Cosmetic Dentist Goes from Creating Smiles to Saving Energy and Helping the Earth with Electric Scooters and Bikes

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Terry Greenstein, a former dentist, wants to help people save money on gas, as well as help the environment. His solution: ride electric vehicles. His site,, features a myriad of prudent and fun electric scooters, bikes and ATVs.

If these manufacturers add new products, I'll be happy to carry them. Since we started the site, I've added multiple new products.

When former dentist Terry Greenstein sees the gas prices fluctuating, and oftentimes not in the favor of the American people, he gets mad. Wanting to help provide some relief at the gas pumps, Greenstein started

"I looked at ways that people were getting gouged at the gas pumps," said Greenstein. "I did some research and I saw a way for people to get around without having to put $100 into their car."

Beginning in the fall of 2007, Electric Scooters and Bikes opened its virtual doors in March 2008 and raced out of the gates with some of the biggest brands in the business.

"I have three main brands - X-Treme, Zap and Razor," said Greenstein. "If these manufacturers add new products, I'll be happy to carry them. Since we started the site, I've added multiple new products."

Some of these new products include fascinating vehicles, such as X-Treme's X-160 Underwater Electric Sea Scooter and XB-300Li Lithium Power-Assisted Electric Mountain Bike.

"These bikes use absolutely no gas or oil, and can go a long way on a single charge from a standard electric wall outlet," explained Greenstein. "It may seem strange to have an electric bike, but they can help if you're tired and you want to go uphill. They're also quiet, clean and sporty, too."

Greenstein also plans on adding safety accessories in the near future, such as helmets, pads and jackets.

With electric vehicle technology moving swiftly, Greenstein started, a blog that chronicles anti-pollution ideas, the importance of a clean environment and the necessity of electric and energy efficient vehicles.

Whether or not gas prices will go down or our environment will improve remains to be seen. But progress begins somewhere, which is why Terry Greenstein's website is a welcome one.

"In this day and age, with gas and oil prices so high, these vehicles are great and safe for everyone around."

About the Company:
Electric Scooters and Bikes is a part of T & B Marketing, LLC, which is owned and operated by Terry Greenstein. currently offers selections from X-Treme, Zap and Razor and will soon offer safety accessories for riders. The website also stresses the importance of safety products and adult supervision for younger riders.

Contact Information:
Terry Greenstein
(316) 854-0929

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