Executive Coaching Retreat Promises MultiSensory, Transformative Experience in San Diego

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A Two-Day Coaching Retreat that engages all your senses, and includes all amenities, so that you return with more energy, focus, self-awareness, and a plan for realizing your most pressing objectives, whether it be for your business or your career.

Coaches and learning theorists have said repeatedly that deliberate, focused and concentrated practice converts new skill into a winning habit

Executive coaching needs an overhaul. At least the first meeting does. At the first meeting, a professional coach competes with their client's office urgent phone calls, product development fiascos, and sparring team members. The coachee is overwhelmed with reams of data and usually requires another month of time before getting serious about creating a plan.

This executive coaching retreat offers leaders an unparalleled multisensory, transformative experience normally not seen in traditional coaching. It gives you time to play, reflect and action plan in a two-day experience where every little thing is taken care of before you arrive - from coaching to car service to your activities. The benefit? You have the opportunity to experience a deliberate and concentrated focus on key factors that positively impact your working relationships, your career and your businesses, in a deep and broad manner. You leave with a plan for realizing a pressing business objective and the energy, knowledge and motivation to do it.

According to Dr. Wexler, author of Brain and Culture, you need "intense, uninterrupted concentration and repetition" to develop new habits and skills, a sentiment widely echoed in the neuroscience, sports psychology, and people development communities. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, and many other top athletes spent years perfecting their discipline by focusing specifically on critical elements of their sport.

"Coaches and learning theorists have said repeatedly that deliberate, focused and concentrated practice converts new skill into a winning habit," says Tanya Goodwin-Maslach, President, Elevati Inc. Tiger Woods just doesn't go out and hit balls and Michael Phelps doesn't just go out and swim. They each have a deliberate, purposeful focus on elements of their sport, repeating a certain behavior over and over again until it becomes a permanent element of their practice.

Beginning such a time and financial-intensive process like coaching requires an intense engagement of your mind and brain. As you begin a professional and personal development journey, this crucial time should start with that level of focus…and that focused concentration isn't afforded most people at work.

From significant contributions in science to art, "Eureka!" moments have occurred sometimes in the most unlikely of places. This is no coincidence. When people of any profession, in any role, take advantage of this one-on-one coaching retreat in San Diego, they embark on a learning experience that is transformative. To learn more about it, including the Itinerary for this Retreat, visit http://www.elevati-inc.com/leadership.html

For more information, contact Tanya Goodwin-Maslach at 619-573-0918.

Elevati, Inc. is a San Diego-based consulting firm that specializes in partnering with leaders and managers to help them develop critical interpersonal skills. They offer coaching, group facilitation, and two-day coaching retreats.


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