Safety, Security and Good Returns Still Available to Investors Despite Subprime Crisis - US Life Settlements

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Investors around the world are searching for safe and secure investments in an effort to avoid the volatility we are currently seeing in the market. A new collaborative effort between Mosaic Management Group, Wizard and Fundabilis promises to answer investors needs worldwide.

The recent volatility and uncertainty in the financial markets world wide is driving investors to seek out safe, secure, alternative investments. "We are seeing a flight to safety and Investors from around the world are finding it in Life Settlements," says Andrew Murphy of Mosaic Management Group, a company specializing in the distribution and management of Life Settlement portfolios. The returns from US Life Settlement policies are not tied or correlated to financial or real estate markets. "Confronted with massive consequences of the subprime crisis are these the bluntly inestimable advantages compared to all classic investment alternatives," says Dr. Heinz Kubli from Fundabilis Group, Zurich.

Despite the recent negative news surrounding AIG, the giant in the US insurance business, their policies remain safe. "It is better being an AIG policyholder than being an AIG shareholder, the numerous insurance units that AIG owns could simply be sold off to other carriers, as they comprise one of the most solid parts of AIGs balance sheet," Murphy commented. The required reserves set forth by the insurance commissioners are secure. The insurance carriers are obligated by law to invest these reserves in secure instruments such as US treasuries. "The better the reserves the better the rating at the recognized rating agency A.M. Best," says Hans-Peter Friedebach from WIZARD Financial Consulting GmbH. WIZARD itself distributes only policies from US Insurance companies with a current rating from B+ to A++.

Mosaic Management Group, Fundabilis Group and Wizard Financial Consulting GmbH have teamed up to develop and market life settlement products to international non US investors. In a collaborative effort using their diverse expertise and experiences, they have developed a system of providing secure, non-correlating investments in the market today. The team will structure tailor made solutions for fund managers, asset managers and investors worldwide utilizing life settlements.

Mosaic Management Group has a long track record of providing intelligent portfolio solutions for non-US investors and distributing structured products and portfolios to Europe, Asia and Latin America. They currently distribute and manage investment portfolios of Life Settlements in over 28 countries.

Zurich based Fundabilis Group is active in the field of structuring financial products such as investment funds and structured notes covering a wide range of needs and requirements of institutional clients in traditional, alternative and niche markets. Over the last few years the group has specialized in low volatility and absolute return structures such as life settlements. Thus a US Life Settlement open-end fund for professional investors was established. This fund is financed by sophisticated fund of funds, pension funds and wealthy private investors and is currently fully invested. About 70 % of the current portfolio are demands on AAA Companies and the rest on AA rated Companies. Fundabilis group is a founding member of Swiss Derivative Instituteā„¢.

Wizard Financial Consulting GmbH successfully created and distributed insurance based bank assurance products in Germany and Europe.


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