U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC Secures the Latest Technology for Biodiesel Production

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U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC, manufacturer of commercial Biodiesel production equipment for the end user, has integrated the latest dry wash technology into thier BD40 and BD65 Biodiesel Processors, allowing for production of 450 gallons per 8 hour shift.

Integrating the knowledge and product from Europe's leader in Biodiesel technology;
U.S Freedom Bio Fuels has catapulted to the front of the biodiesel equipment field. Their focus is building cost effective bio diesel production equipment for the end user. http://www.usfreedombiofuels.com

Clients of U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels are able to convert waste vegetable oil into B100 (Biodiesel fuel) for use in any diesel engine in production today without modification. Consistent fuel quality is achieved by their dry wash process.

A single 10KG dry wash tower with polishing filter can wash up to 1800 gallons of bio diesel fuel at a constant flow rate of 1 GPM.
Increased volume and flow rate can be obtained by adding additional towers.

With a single 10KG dry wash tower, U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels most popular processor; the BD65 can produce 450 gallons of ready to use bio diesel fuel in 8 hours.

The 10KG dry wash tower is filled with Eco2PureTM a unique cellulose based natural and sustainable composition of adsorbent technologies, specifically formulated for biodiesel purification from any feedstock. Eco2PureTM's composition is designed to optimize purification efficiency and contamination removal, combined with increased flow enhancement characteristics. Eco2PureTM is designed to be a filter-free wash process with no consumables in the wash stage. Each kilogram of Eco2PureTM is capable of purifying between 93 - 180 gallons of biodiesel, making it the lowest cost drywash biodiesel purification method in existence today. http://www.usfreedombiofuels.com

Eco2PureTM removes soaps, catalyst traces, residual methanol, moisture and other production residues form biodiesel, thereby assisting in the attainment of EN14212 & ASTM-D6751 quality standards.

Eco2PureTM outperforms existing Ion Exchange Resin (IOX) technologies in terms of fuel quality, purification costs on the market today.

Eco2PureTM can be used to replace or compliment your existing purification system whilst allowing for a reduction in overall purification costs.

The following is a quote from company president, John Harrod.
"Nearly two years ago we began searching for methods to produce our own fuel for the sole purpose of keeping our business and equipment running.

We tested everything from all the silly gimmick filters to commercial grade processing equipment.

The bottom line is nothing was working. We were either spending too much time on producing our own fuel or the quality was inconsistent and we couldn't run the risk of losing any machines.

In 2008 we perfected our dry washing method and we're producing up to 500 gallons from a single machine a day every day at commercial grade quality".

U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC is currently seeking distributors in various states.
For more information they welcome you to call or visit.

John Harrod, President
U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC


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