Overcome Economy and Wall Street Worries, Regain Creativity and Achieve Goals with New Tips from Intuitive and Consultant "Hot Spy Campbell"

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Celebrated intuitive and consultant "Hot Spy Campbell" offers tips and insight to help individuals overcome their worries and fears about the economy and Wall Street, and regain a sense of creativity and success.

We must begin creating the stuff of the future today

With the recent Wall Street bailout, a faltering economy and weakening stocks, many people are feeling helpless. Feelings of helplessness not only affect a person's mind and thoughts, but affect defenses that emerge from choosing to see beyond the problems as a first priority. This enables problem-solving, as well. Rather than thinking of new ideas and approaches in the face of great crises, many seem to abandon creativity and turn to old, limiting ways of speaking, thought and action. "Hot Spy Campbell" (HSC), celebrated intuitive and consultant, offers four tips to help individuals regain creativity and overcome fear, worry and doubt.

With stock markets plunging, HSC says now is the time to produce wealths that haven't been seen before. "We must begin creating the stuff of the future today," HSC says. "After all, what else can we really afford to do or wait for?"

HSC says current blunders in the U.S. economy, crises on Wall Street and disappearances only mean to create something new and keep people searching for more, be it new ways to work at something, new ways to use something or more ways to look forward to all things.

"Once we follow these goals, we'll have abundance -- guaranteed," HSC says. "But each person must tap into that part of the brain that no one can predict: The Creative Intention in him or herself.

"People who write books about having multiple streams of income are misleading readers if they do not teach the passion of imagination and diversity. Passion is something that is a tell-tale feature in all human success stories and victories. Yet, it is often confused with power, which is a measure of strength (rooted in comparisons to animals) and unlike passion, it is destructive rather than creative. Never was there a true sense of multiple sources of stability and security ever derived for any goal or dream without the passionate desire or an intense picture of 'Abundance Ahead'."

To reinvigorate creativity, HSC says one must first take abundance as a word, pull its meaning apart and focus on seeing it, the fundamental principle to manifest and create, find new ways, new hope and new fulfillment.

To help individuals take apart abundance and realize their goals, HSC provides the following tips:

1. Break the tie to fear of loss first and re-orient to a new direction by asking "What is the very first thing I'm going to do as soon as this 'crisis' is over?" Dreams build economy. Countries where people are visibly able to have and pursue their greatest dreams have stronger economies and currencies that reflect that. Countries where policies or practices exist to instill desperation, fear, doubt or beliefs in scarcity serve to delay and diminish the dream-potential and a nation, accordingly.

2. Stop judging and pretend you are a rebel. Artists are rebels in the sense that they derive inspirations from literally nothing but their souls and like rebels, they work passionately from their own visions despite the so-called reality around them. There is tremendous profit in being able to start with nothing but the spirit of imagination this way. For this reason, don't "Just Do It" -- instead "Keep Starting (your imagination)!" When thinking like an artist, everything starts to catch the eye as a potential material to work with including previously unseen ways of re-using or re-creating at a time when it might seem that everything had been lost or met a desperate outcome. Abundance is a concept of infinity in balance, meaning no limits. Therefore, a bee-line to abundance is telling yourself the only thing you cannot afford is to judge or make conclusions at this time. As a result, only the free-thinking dream-holders will have rebelled successfully against those who would have wasted time and minds on the judging of circumstances rather than on swift and effective thinking of new strategies and new commodities.

3. Remember: struggles are a sign to use more imagination. In her soon-to-be published books, "365 Laws of the Universe" the chapter titled Dreams describes "Struggle is manifested by the fear of poverty and the false belief of scarcity. The Universe is Abundance by definition." People have been blessed with the freedom to always find new ways of creating new wealth, new resources whenever the need arises. The bottom line is that struggle is always a lie and is a signal that some have forgotten to use their imagination. Many believe in struggle before they believe in ideas such as "this will pass" and "I can find a way." They're just not thinking -- and as a result, it will be reflected in their resignation to a crisis impact rather than choosing to remain a remarkable soldier to a personal dream or even to seek the assistance of those with more experience or more imaginative minds.

4. Remember what you are worth! In the chapter called Pain, HSC writes "Freedom is found in the belief of Abundance and Captivity is found in the belief of Scarcity…" -- and so, a person will only create if he or she has a dream. People will only accelerate in a mind that knows freedom and knows that they are worthy of it. On the other hand, they will never reach their true potential if they let their minds lock down onto a picture filled with struggle and worries that harbour more fears. Passion is a great worth-builder. In that moment of remembering your worth, you find yourself thinking of what you mean to people and in your definition, lie the quality of your dreams. Are they still the ones you had before there was any mention of economic crises on Wall Street or in housing or the local bank? If so, freedom and abundance are waiting at your fingertips!

"Hot Spy Campbell" provides customized forecasts as well as personal "transformation"-predictions known as Mini-Forecasts that can be read into the subconscious like a powerful hypnosis for producing change. She has provided nearly 30,000 consultations to clients and professionals worldwide, and can be reached at extension 1800. 275.5336 x 88888. Interested individuals can check out HSC's comments /feedback section or email directly to HotSpyCampbell@yahoo.com.

For more information about shedding worries of the economy and Wall Street and regaining creativity, listen to her accompanying podcast or visit http://www.HotSpyCampbell.com.

About "Hot Spy Campbell"
"Hot Spy Campbell" is the entertainment name of top personal clairvoyant, advisor and seer with listings on http://www.keen.com. A graduate of the University of Guelph, School of Engineering, with an M.S. and B.S. in Engineering, she specialized in forecast-technology and resource management but also studied mind-technologies, as well as a wide range of traditional and alternative Aboriginal spiritual and educational practices with the Métis Arts Program (Ontario). Forecast services are for entertainment only.

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