Immigration Attorney Provides Possible Explanation for the Recent Downturn in U.S Illegal Immigration

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A prominent Immigration Attorney, Darren Silver, Esq. the Principal attorney of Darren Silver & Associates, provides some insight into the recent unexpected statistic which showed a dramatic slow-down in illegal immigration to the U.S.

A Startling report released October 2, 2008 by a prominent Washington think tank provided statistics showing that for the first time in over a decade, the number of legal immigrants entering the U.S to work exceeded the number of illegal immigrants entering to work.

The report by the Pew Hispanic Center indicated approximately 11.9 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States as of March 2008, down from 12.4 million in March 2007. The number of people coming into the country illegally decreased from 800,000 a year from 2000 through 2004 to about 500,000 a year from 2005 through 2008. The number of legal permanent immigrant residents who came into the country in 2007 was about 650,000.

Darren Silver, Esq. the Principal attorney of Darren Silver & Associates, one of the Nation's preeminent Business immigration Law Firms, attributes the sudden down turn in illegal immigration to the housing and mortgage crises. Mr. Silver estimates that that at least 30% of all illegal immigrants that enter the U.S to look for jobs that are either directly or indirectly supported by housing construction or home improvement jobs. Mr. Silver warns that while anti-immigrant groups may welcome this news, they are short sighted in not realizing that the slowdown of illegal immigration is a key indicator of a troubled economy and the contrary of a growing flux of illegal immigration is a sign of a healthy prosperous economy.

Mr. Silver further opined on the necessity for Congress to enact significant immigration reform. Mr. Silver believes that the economy would benefit significantly from those illegal workers already in the U.S obtaining some type of legal status. Mr. Silver contends that those illegal workers would be able to pay taxes and directly support and stimulate the U.S economy. Further, the workers will then be able to purchase cars, take air travel and invest their earning. All of which are currently prohibited based on immigration status. There is no doubt that this type of reform would create a much needed bump to the U.S Economy says Mr. Silver.

Immigration Attorney Darren Silver can be contacted directly through his website Darren Silver & Associates. Darren Silver was a former Immigration Department Adjudications officer in Los Angeles California and has headed Darren Silver & Associates since 1999. Darren Silver & Associates is one of the Nations' preeminent Immigration Law Firms with a focus on Business and Employment Immigration law.

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