Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician-Producer Sonya Kahn's New Single WHISPERING SOULS Vocalizes The Subject of Genocide

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Sonya Kahn has taken on her responsibility as an artist to express herself with WHISPERING SOULS. This song addresses the politically controversial topic of genocide (something her family was personally affected by), where she mourns the passing of the souls killed senselessly, while she cries for tolerance, understanding and peace with a human rights message of hope for change for the future.

Music has always punctuated moments in time. Today's mainstream and Independent music artists are taking a stand to express their thoughts and ideas about life in the name of the world, war, peace and life. Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician -Producer, Sonya Kahn has just released WHISPERING SOULS, the new edgy rock single available at cdbaby.com/cd/sonyakahn2 and video viewable on her new web channel at Youtube.com/sonyakahn. This is a song she felt passionate and felt driven to write, record and produce. "Life, history and current events inspired me to write this song. I had to get this off of my chest, talk about wars, about genocide. So many tragic earlier historical events have happened in the past like the Jewish Holocaust and Armenian Genocide - My family was affected by genocide on both sides. People didn't prevent genocide that went on more recently in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and sadly it's continuing. So this is something I am very passionate about and always will be. I wanted to write about all those innocent souls killed during different political events that could be prevented if humans cared about each other more than they do about money and power," states Kahn. "I hope people will take their time to listen to my lyrics and let it in to awaken some emotions. It's a very moving, honest song with an important message we all can use...to care more about each other and think twice about our spiritual values. God is in each of us, we are part of the Universe and have an obligation to protect each other and cherish what we've been given," she explains. She also has created a discussion group called Sonya Kahn's Speak Out Symphony groups.myspace.com/sksos where she will be addressing more about genocide, war, even Hollywood and business ethics as she stays true to being an artist of expression.

WHISPERING SOULS is anything but a 'whisper' in terms of production. Kahn is a classically trained artist born in Russia and she has a Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree in concert piano performing and musical theory. Her experience roars in this track, highlighting her musical knowledge and production skills, painting the song's story instrumentally like a musical Michelangelo. WHISPERING SOULS has a strong majestic arrangement - very theatrical, almost James Bond motion-picture feel to it. "It's about a very important subject with strong message, so the song naturally was going to be a big one. Starting from drum sounds I already knew it was going to sound powerful, the level of distortion/tone for guitars, string arrangements, piano riffs to the tempo, intensity, harmonies and energy," Kahn explains.

Representing three generations of gifted musical performers in her family, Sonya Kahn came to America only five years ago. She took it upon herself to learn a new language specifically so she can write, produce and sing songs in English. Self-motivated, this determined music multi-hyphenate prevailed with her tenacious ambition and music expertise to do it herself. "I am very passionate about this topic and being a musician - songwriter/producer I feel responsible to do my work, to play my part and spread the message, make people think twice about their choices. Maybe this is an energy force that has to come out and finds an artistic outlet. I'd like to think that I am one of those chosen outlets. When purpose meets creativity the fusion is powerful and that's when I feel happy... feel like my creation is important," Kahn explains.

Kahn just completed her 13-track CD, NEW BEGINNING, available at iTunes, CDBaby.com, Digistation.com and soon in stores. This CD features heartfelt rock power ballads, feisty driving rock songs, and a few dance-beat murmurs and is on Sonya's own label Mozarta Muzik, where she performed wearing many hats singing, songwriting, playing piano and guitar, arranging, and producing her own album. She has over 650,000+ profile views on Myspace (myspace.com/sonyakahn), one of her songs was featured on an Indie film soundtrack, and she has a full enterprise of merchandise, downloads and wallpaper available on her website sonyakahn.com.
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