A Pumpkin Carving Science Experiment: Extending the Life of a Carved Halloween Pumpkin

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Agenda: Finding the Very Best Pumpkin Preserver of All Time.

In a private independent scientific study, which can be found at http://www.MyScienceProject.org, six(6) pumpkins were chosen to take part in a series of preservation methods to find the overall outcome, and to verify the very best method in preserving carved Halloween pumpkins. The goal was to preserve a pumpkin for the entire Halloween season, rather than just carving the pumpkins, then just watching them wither away with decay before Halloween night is even here. The six methods used are rumored around the internet to be the best methods, by popularity, to preserve carved pumpkins, but this experiment was conducted, of course, to find the ultimate best method. All pumpkins were carved and treated at the same time… One pumpkin was carved and left alone to decay in a natural state. One pumpkin was dunked in bleach, another sprayed with acrylic spray, another was covered with Vaseline, and one other was smeared with old fashioned white Elmer's glue. The sixth and final pumpkin was sprayed with a popular product, and a favorite among most professional pumpkin carvers, called Pumpkin Fresh.

All six pumpkins were comparable in size and each pumpkin was carved the same with the same face and with the same amount and size of cut areas.

All of the preservation methods that were used were used with one main agenda; to keep the pumpkins hydrated, and to keep the mold and rot off the pumpkins for as long as possible. In just twenty-four hours, there were noticeable changes in some of the pumpkins that were not pretty, a few were submitting, in a rapid manner, to the natural aging elements. By day six, the pumpkin covered with glue was out of the contest, completely covered in mold and rot. By day ten, the pumpkins covered with bleach, acrylic spray and Vasaline, had to be eliminated as well, due to their demise. The only two pumpkins that survived the experiment were surprisingly, the untreated pumpkin and the pumpkin which was sprayed with Pumpkin Fresh. Both of these methods prolonged the pumpkins for a full fourteen(14) days… That's half a month, and plenty of time to enjoy a pumpkin for the entire Halloween season. The pumpkin sprayed with the commercial product; Pumpkin Fresh, appeared to have the ability to go even longer than the two week experiment, which is exactly what the makers of Pumpkin Fresh profess on their website on their "How It Works" page. To find out more on this earth friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable product, visit http://www.PumpkinFresh.com.


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