Race in America and the Race for the White House

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In his controversial political thriller, Purple Poole, Samuel Richards doesn't shy away from the issue of race in America. As if it were ripped straight from today's political headlines, and the Obama candidacy, Purple Poole is a controversial story about a black man who spearheads an urban renaissance throughout America, and in the process makes an unexpected and forceful appearance on the stage of American presidential politics.

In his work of political mystery, Purple Poole, Samuel Richards delivers a prescient examination of race relations and socioeconomic conditions in America through the lens of a unique presidential race that closely mirrors what we are witnessing today.

Set in the year 2000, Purple Poole reads as if it were written during the current election cycle. A black man, heralded by some as a prophet, arrives during a violent storm to save a troubled city. He proceeds to spearhead a nationwide renaissance of urban America as he preaches returning to basic moral values and taking responsibility for one's actions. Inner-city blacks rediscover hope and unify behind meaningful works. Along with the backing of an underground sect, the Purple Poole; several strange occurrences clear a most unexpected path for this mysterious black man's journey to a position of national leadership and influence.

The words and actions of Wirth Dunhill, a confused Republican Senator from Boston; Glea, his enigmatic wife: and Moorehouse, his radical brother; take us through a series of bizarre events that influence the black leader's rise to power.

Richards leaps into the tangled truths that divide black and white, rich and poor, the engaged and the disillusioned--even as they are largely ignored, only superficially addressed by both the fictional media of Purple Poole and today's insubstantial coverage of the 2008 presidential race.

Richards asks if there is justification for a unified African-American movement separate from white America. Is such a movement the only hope for urban blacks to rise up and reclaim their lives? Could it succeed today?

Purple Poole manages to do what most novels of politics and social commentary only dream of: It crosses from the realm of fiction into reality and relevance. Its unflinching assessment of our political system, the media, poverty, morality and race captures the seemingly irreconcilable divisions that undermine our society today, showing how all of these affect our lives and possibly our collective future.

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About the Author

Samuel Richards has done extensive research on race relations in America, specializing in how a changing political climate and a biased media affect the interactions of whites and blacks in society at large. Born and raised in the greater Boston area, Richards now lives in Florida. Purple Poole is his first novel, and he is currently at work on a second.

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