TheFinancial411 Offers New Help to Couples Contemplating Divorce Settlements

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Coming to an equitable divorce settlement is difficult in the best of times, but the current economic climate brings even more challenges to divorcing couples and their attorneys. Both parties can come out on top with the help of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Learn more from The Financial 411's Teresa Dentino.

With our sophisticated software, we can perform 'what-if' analyses to determine, for example, if a certain move might trigger the Alternative Minimum Tax

Coming to an equitable divorce settlement is difficult in the best of times, but the current economic climate brings even more challenges to divorcing couples and their attorneys. To address these issues, The Financial 411's Teresa Dentino has expanded her ability to help clients plan for their financial futures by completing a specialized educational program with The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts™ (IDFA™). Dentino is now a fully licensed Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™(CDFA™).

Dentino's training means she is recognized as an expert in the financial aspects of divorce. Combined with her 25 years of experience as an investment advisor, she provides individuals, couples, attorneys, mediators, and other advisors with essential guidance to reach equitable divorce settlements that maximize tax benefits and avoid common financial pitfalls. With her help, clients reach divorce settlements that appear equitable today while assuring each party of a durable long-term solution to their financial needs.

Previously, attorneys and mediators divided assets on the basis of their face value. Without formal training in accounting and financial planning, they presumed that a dollar-for-dollar allocation resulted in an equitable arrangement.

"Due to taxes and other investment costs, a party may receive what appears to be a fair 50% allocation, but after-cost valuations can skew the net dollar result, compromising the parity of the exchange," says Dentino.

"In-depth knowledge of esoteric tax codes exclusive to divorce allows us to optimize the asset mix for the needs of each party while maintaining a 50/50 split. Everyone involved benefits from savings that often reach six figures. For a recent couple whose total beginning equity was $1.4 million, we saw the combined savings amount to $800,000 when forecast over 25 years."

With her experience and training, Dentino is also adept at identifying other financial impacts that can change the nature of what appear to be equitable settlements. For example, a spouse who keeps the marital home may be incapable of meeting the cash flow requirements of ownership. In such a case, selling the home or opting for liquid assets will lead to a settlement that better suits that spouse's needs over the long haul.

As a CDFA, Dentino is also trained to analyze the value of all retirement benefits, including future pension payouts and other employee benefits that can be overlooked or undervalued in divorce proceedings.

"Both parties appreciate knowing there won't be any surprises down the road. Women who were not previously familiar with the family finances are coming to me to learn how to understand their entire financial picture and what different decisions mean to their financial security at the end of the day. Men like the exact nature of our work, knowing that we've covered all the bases and nothing is left on the table," adds Dentino.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts often use comparative analysis of alternative proposals to help couples and attorneys understand their options and improve their decision-making. "With our sophisticated software, we can perform 'what-if' analyses to determine, for example, if a certain move might trigger the Alternative Minimum Tax," says Dentino from her offices in Woodside, CA.

Another benefit is that a CDFA's objective third party analysis helps alleviate the stress, frustration, and other anxieties often associated with financial settlement discussions and impasses.

"We see a more streamlined and cost-effective process take place. The parties are less likely to regret their choices later on, and the attorneys like knowing that they have a single, qualified expert whose work is recognized by the courts," adds Dentino.

Dentino's 25-year career in the financial services industry includes founding and managing The Financial 411, her own full service securities firm. Over the years her practice has evolved to an investment-free model that removes the potential for any conflict of interest.

"My clients appreciate that my analysis and educational programs are not driven by any level of investment sales and management services," states Dentino.

As recent studies reveal, there is a growing demand among individual investors for more transparent and educationally-oriented services. One example is the changing attitude among entrepreneurs toward legacy planning, implementing family financial dialogues, and teaching children about money.

"Whether through our financial analysis of divorce settlements or our financial awareness programs, such as the Family Financial Fire Drill™, we have spent 25 years meeting this 'next-level' needs with solutions that are attuned to the complexities of the 21st century," concludes Dentino.

For additional information on The Financial 411, Dentino's new certification and licensing, a sample case report, or a consultation, contact Teresa Dentino ( or (650) 851-8959) or visit

Teresa Dentino, CDFA, is the founder and CEO of the Financial 411. She is a former NASD General Securities Principal with 25 years of professional financial services advisory and board-level experience. Her expertise is regularly utilized by the national press, including interviews in Town & Country and Worth magazines, CBS MarketWatch, Bloomberg News, and The Wall Street Journal. She also participates in other television and radio interviews and speaking engagements. Ms. Dentino's understanding of financial literacy engagement, her pioneering work in the development of financial education for women, and extensive financial services background place her in a unique position for educating and training clients and the professional advisors that serve them in a myriad of wealth management and preservation issues. Ms. Dentino is also currently writing a book to help women master the critical elements of their financial lives and avoid the wasteful financial and emotional costs associated with limited financial engagement.

The Financial 411 provides consultation, analysis, and training programs from its offices in Woodside, California. In addition to Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Teresa Dentino's expertise in creating equitable divorce settlements, the company offers a wide array of financial planning and education services.

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