Dr. Steven Aldana will be the Keynote Speaker at DC Health Summit: October 29, 2008 in Washington, DC

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Workplace wellness expert will address 100 top health care industry leaders about the positive impact of wellness programs on waistlines and the organization's bottom line

Dr. Steven Aldana will be the keynote speaker at the first annual DC Health Summit, a meeting that is bringing together 100 of the top minds in the health care industry on Oct. 29 from 11 am to 1 pm at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington, DC (http://www.dchealthsummit.com).

A former professor of lifestyle medicine in the College of Health and Human Performance at Brigham Young University, Aldana is a nationally recognized scientist and teacher on the topic of health promotion in the workplace. His keynote, "The Truth About Return on Investment and Worksite Health Promotion Programs," will serve as an introduction to a broader discussion among Summit panelists and attendees about the future of health insurance in the United States.

"Companies are always looking for ways to reduce employee-related expenses and many corporations and organizations are using health promotion programs as a reactionary effort to curtail ever-increasing, employee-related expenses of health care and lost productivity," Aldana explains.

"Dozens of published scientific research articles have evaluated the cost-benefit of worksite health promotion programs and the majority show a clear and positive ROI. Yet, many companies are hesitant to spend any money on employee health promotion efforts, raising the question as to why most health and wellness programs still struggle to get funding and support."

Aldana insists that health promotion in the workplace won't just have a positive effect on your employees' waistlines -- it will have a positive impact on your organization's bottom line.

He will discuss:

  • How health promotion and worksite wellness can generate significant cost savings.
  • How to measuring the impact of absenteeism and lost productivity caused by unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices.
  • Where the cost savings come from and why some health promotion programs fail to deliver a positive ROI.

The Culprit and the Cure

"Steven Aldana has tangible ideas for how to improve our nation's health -- the first step toward lowering the soaring costs of this essential and basic need," says the host of the event Stephanie Cohen, CEO of the health benefits company Golden & Cohen, who in less than a decade has built her firm into one of the largest women-owned health benefits firms in metropolitan Washington, DC. "I wanted Aldana to speak because he provides a voice of reason in what is sometimes a chaotic, uncontrolled health insurance system."

As a gift to the 100 business and health care leaders in the audience, the host of the event Cohen is giving everyone a copy of Aldana's newest book, "The Culprit and the Cure."

"This is the seventh book I've written, and in it I try to help individuals gain an understanding of why good nutrition and physical activity are vital to long-term health, then empower them with hands-on tips and achievable guidance on how to eat right, exercise, and enjoy a long, high-quality life," Aldana shares. "I am proud to say that it is currently being used by more than 4500 companies to boost productivity and reduce employee related health expenses."

Courage and conviction

Finding new, creative ways to lower health insurance rates for Americans the reason that Cohen is hosting the Oct. 29 event.

"Having worked in the trenches of the health insurance business for more than two decades, I know firsthand that something must be done to get health insurance rates back in check," Cohen says. "Research by the U.S. Department of Commerce shows that in 2006, more than $2.1 trillion was spent on health care in the United States -- that's 16% of the Gross Domestic Product. By 2017 research suggests that the amount of money spent on health care is expected to increase to nearly $4.3 trillion, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services projects that by then health care will account for about 20 percent of GDP. We must begin making a change now so that our children do not have to inherit this problem."

Aldana gives Cohen credit for having the courage to host the DC Health Summit.

"For the first time, leaders from a variety of sectors in the health care industry will be sitting in the same room," Aldana says. "This is unprecedented. Although many doctors, hospital and health insurance executives and administrators, and politicians talk about having a public discussion -- no one has had the grit to make it happen. My hat is off to Stephanie Cohen. I am looking forward to having a spirited discussion with the panelists and audience about how we can use workplace wellness to lower health insurance rates."

About the Summit

One hundred top leaders in the health care and business community have been invited to attend the first annual DC Health Summit on Oct. 29 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington, DC (http://www.dchealthsummit.com).

To attend this free / invitation-only event, please register online by October 10 (http://www.dchealthsummit.com/rsvp), or call Lisa Garlena at Golden & Cohen at 301-330-5300 x230.

Agenda: Following Steven Aldana's keynote speech, moderator / futurist Andy Hines of the global research and consulting firm Social Technologies will continue the discussion with a panel of leading-edge health care industry professionals. Audience members will be invited to ask questions.

Panelists include: Virginia Senator George Barker, Kaiser Permanente's Director of Population Care Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, Neurosurgeon Dr. James Melisi, the National Rehabilitation Hospital's VP Dr. Paul Rao, Maryland's former Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer, and UnitedHealthcare COO Kevin Ruth.

Direct questions and media inquiries to Hope Katz Gibbs of Inkandescent Public Relations: hope@hopegibbs.com, 703-346-6975.

About Keynote Speaker Steven Aldana, CEO, Wellsteps -- Steven Aldana, PhD, is the CEO and founder of WellSteps, a turnkey wellness program designed to help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life. He has published more than 60 scientific articles on the prevention, arrest, and reversal of America's most common chronic diseases, and has written 7 books on the ability of healthy lifestyle habits to prevent cardiovascular dis ease, cancers, diabetes, and many chronic diseases. For more visit http://www.stevealdana.com.

About Moderator / Futurist Andy Hines, Director of Custom Projects, Social Technologies -- Andy Hines is a leading organizational, academic, and consulting futurist. He is currently the Director of Custom Projects at the global research firm Social Technologies, and an adjunct professor at the University of Houston MS Program in Futures Studies, a program from which he graduated in 1990. Previously, Hines established and ran the Global Trends Program for Kellogg Co., and served as futurist and senior ideation leader at Dow Chemical. Hines has co-authored three books, including his most recent, Thinking about the Future: Guidelines for Strategic Foresight. For more visit http://www.socialtechnologies.com.

About Stephanie Cohen, CEO, Golden & Cohen -- Founded in 1992, Golden & Cohen provides health insurance benefit services to more than 1500 clients. Based in Gaithersburg, MD, the company generated $70 million in annual sales last year and currently has 15 employees. As the CEO and co-founder of the firm, Stephanie Cohen has more than two decades of experience in small group health insurance, disability programs and life insurance. She recently was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and annually serves on the prestigious United HealthCare, Coventry, Aetna and Kaiser Broker Council. She is also a member of the Women Presidents' Organization, the District of Colombia Insurance Commissioner Advisory Council, and The Greater Washington Health Underwriters. For more information visit http://www.golden-cohen.com.


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